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AdSense URL Alternative Ads Honey tips, how to create, auto-resize images

AdSense Alternative Ads (Backup ads) 【 AdSense > ad Unit-"Enter the ad attribute to use for alternative ads" > "show other ads from another URL" feature, which can be used to intervene in the menu "display other URLs" if there are no ads available. The menu that accompanies the "AD unit is folded or displayed as blank," as you can also infer that the ad unit is folded or displayed in a solid color, when the ad cannot be sent without a suitable ad on the page, it serves to place the URL you have entered into that menu instead.

You can link to this alternative ad URL just already, but if you click on the ad, then no event will happen, so you can usually upload the image and link attributes to the web space by HTM or HTML, and enter the URL of this uploaded file is the best way to take advantage of the alternative ad URL feature. And since this HTML document is properly implemented to match the way AdSense is delivered, it will try to give you the necessary codes and additional tips to achieve the correct implementation.

    The order in which AdSense URL fallback ads are created

The process of creating and applying an alternative ad HTML file is to upload an image to use for alternative ads-Define a style by opening a text file. Give the link that you want to connect to the uploaded image URL >. To upload the generated HTML file, enter the URL of the HTML file that you uploaded to the "Show other URL" menu is completed.

    Upload an image

First, upload the image file you want to use for your ad to your site or blog, and copy the URL path to that image. You can change the image address in the HTML file at any time in the future, or change the AdSense settings, so I recommend using an external server to think about personal traffic (frankly, no big boss).

https://ad image.

Advertising Images

    Style definition

Alternative URL ads are sent directly to AdSense without going through additional internal coding (external coding is). That's why you should cleanly eliminate spaces and margins such as unintended margin, padding, and border of HTML documents you create (unless you do this, you'll get fired or strangely because the margin doesn't appear exactly when an alternative ad is sent). Open any text document, or enter the code below.

<style type="text/css"></style>
HTML, body {margin: 0; padding: 0; border: 0}

If you want to implement all the emitted ads in the middle, you can add the Text-align: Center attribute.

<style type="text/css"></style>
HTML, body {margin: 0; padding: 0; border: 0; text-align: center}

    Give a link to an image

Then click <a href=""></a> on the ad and enter the URL you want to move, then use <img src=""> </img>the link to enter the URL of the image you uploaded above

<style type="text/css"></style>
HTML, body {margin: 0; padding: 0; border: 0; text-align: center}

<a href="https://광고클릭시_이동할_페이지"></a>
<img src="https://광고이미지.png">

Now select ' Save As ' to save this text file with the. html extension (backup_ads.html), and upload this HTML file back to your site or blog. and the URL address of the HTML file that was uploaded, the above-mentioned [AdSense] ad Unit-"Enter the ad attribute to use for alternative ads" > If there is no ad available, if you type in the menu "display another URL", a URL replacement ad is completed.

    Honey Tips and key notes

There are a couple of very important caveats to having with the basic alternative ad setting.

First, you can't embed AdSense ads in AdSense alternative ads. If this is what you do, you can edit the size of responsive ads (responsive adsense, how to set the largest to maximum width if you have ads to be sent, your ads will often not show because of their size, but when you enter a link to an HTML document in the Alternate URL field, the 336x280 ad is a fixed adsense ad.

If you allow this method, infinite repetition redirection takes place (there is no ad to be sent Infinity) because of the 100% delivery rate, the ad is emitted, or an error occurs in extreme situations. This is also stated in the official Help about AdSense alternative ads.

Second, as we said earlier, AdSense is sent without internal coding for alternative ads, so if you set an alternate ad image to 400 x 300 for 336x280-sized ads, the right and bottom of the overflow are just jjalrinda. You should use the exact same image as the ad size. (There is also a way to modify the style accordingly, described below)

Then, depending on the connection device and the environment, responsive ads that continue to change in size, you need to set up a replacement ad, it's a good place to modify the style, not the image.

<img src="https://광고이미지.png" height="100%">

<img src="https://광고이미지.png" width="100%">

This gives the image the height = "100%" attribute, which is always implemented to fill the vertical size, and the width = "100%" property is always implemented to fill the horizontal size.

This method is not meant to be used for responsive ads, so if the size of the image does not match the size of the ad, as mentioned earlier, only one ad image can be created and used as a replacement for ads of similar size.

    Why make sure you set up URL fallback ads

Alternative advertising is very important in both ways. One of the most frequent AdSense ad-sending failures is to block other ads, allowing you to achieve a 100% ad-serving rate and achieve maximum efficiency in the same space, resources and time.

The other is a subjective honey tip from experience, which is noticeably less likely to be a blank ad than if you didn't set up an alternate ad from the moment you set up your alternate ad. We do not know exactly what the principle of AdSense is (even if I personally hate to deliver alternative ads, and somehow show ads), but I have been experiencing it for years, and the rate and yields have been all the way.

This means that the URL fallback ad setting is Aswiweo when there is a blank ad, but in the end, AdSense yields are also increased. So, even if you are annoying, let's set up an alternative URL by using other ads, such as your own products, sites, blogs, pages, YouTube channels, SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), etc.

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