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All the buying tips you need to know when your fan is broken. (Inches, number of wings, wind strength, noise, compatibility, etc.)

The fan is not very durable because it is a very durable electronic product in the first place, but if it fails, it usually breaks due to a physical accident. The fan's wings are made of light material for efficient rotation by the motor, which is the most durable part of the external parts and the balance is also a very important part for the rotation and wind movement. For example, instead of completely blowing out the current fan, you can see that even if you only twist a little wing, the balance is broken and you can not rotate properly and get dulled or damaged.

It is the most destructive part because it is more sensitive and sophisticated than the idea, but it is also a hard-to-replace part. As I said before, balance is a very important part because the wing that does not fit properly with the fan body can not be used. Therefore, when buying an electric fan, let's know what you need to know and buy it thoroughly.

    Elements of a fan wing

First of all, the most important and definite tip before you start to look at the elements is, in the end, the key to purchasing an electric fan wing is "picking the product that most closely resembles the wing you used before." The reason for this is that it is the most suitable for all aspects of size, coupling, motor rotation, etc., since it is now most suitable for the fan body.

  • Fan size (total diameter) - the most important part. It refers to the largest diameter of a fan blade, usually expressed in inches. The largest wing is 16 inches (38 cm), including wall hangings, stand type (tall fan in a store), ceiling, and the smallest 14 inches (34 cm) and 12 inches (29.5 cm) for ordinary households. It is said to be 10 inches. It is 16 inches, not just 16 inches, but a little small, and the most important thing when winging a wing is that it can be used if the wing is smaller than the size of the fan, but it does not fit at all. If you do not know whether it is clear, it is better to be smaller.
  • Fan size (inner diameter) - The next most important thing is the groove hole that connects the fan to the main body. Most fans are 8mm and up to 9mm. The important thing is that the size of the front and back is slightly different for each method of making the groove, and there are various variables and it is difficult to recover from the same thing. So the most obvious and famous method is to use Monami ballpoint pen. When a 0.7mm monaural ballpoint pen is inserted into the groove, the inner diameter is 9mm when it passes through, and it is 8mm if it does not pass and only the head part is caught. Actually, GKKmon was 9mm when I turned it, but when I tried to insert it, I tried to insert it and did not go in. If you did not know this way, you would have bought the wrong wing after all. Because it is not a proper ballpoint pen but the size is different, you must use a monami ballpoint pen.
  • In addition, the way to insert the groove is different for each manufacturer, so it is most likely to purchase the same manufacturer's products. Samsung LG, Shinil, Hanil, China and others, and sell them under the name of 'universal' at regular sales offices. However, please refer to the details because the thickness may be different for each place of sale.

  • The thickness of the fan's wing (thickness when looking at the wing from the front) - Next, the thickness of the fan's blade is about 20mm to 40mm which is usually thicker in proportion to the size of the fan. If the thickness is too thin, the fastening parts can not be worn because the fastening parts are dented even if the wings are inserted, too thick to fit, and the lid of the fan does not close. Therefore, it is best to compare the thickness of the sample on the purchasing site, and a subtle difference of about 1 ~ 2cm is usually good. If you wonder when you put your wing directly, it will fit roughly.
  • Number of fan blades (leaves) - There are usually three products, three leaves, four leaves, five leaves. People think the number of wings will be very important, but it's not what you think. Therefore, if the conditions are the same in all materials such as material, motor, angle, etc., the three lobes are large and slow in amplitude, and the wings are increased, and the width becomes smaller and faster as going to the 5th lobes. To be more specific, a three-leaf fan passes three times at 12 o'clock when the wheel is turned, passes five times at five, so the three-leaf fan is stronger but less frequent, It means more. Therefore, the third leaf is said to be relatively low in noise, windy and dull, and the fifth leaf is high in noise and soft in wind.
  • However, the number of wings is not closely related to the magnitude of the actual noise or wind intensity. No, but it is pointless to worry. Because the intensity of the wind eventually becomes stronger due to the motor's rotational power, the weight of the wing, and the angle of the wing, the larger the resistance value, the stronger the five-leaf fan is compared to the other company's three-leaf fan It may be strong. The other parts are worth the trouble, but the number of wings is just the same as before. Because the three-leaf fan is made according to it, and the five-leaf fan is made according to it.

    If you do not really need to worry about the number of wings, listen to the previous story, and if you buy your original wings again with 3 lobes or 3 lobes, it will be weaker if you make them more heavier than the original wings. to be. However, it is not easy to know until you buy it because you usually do not tell the weight from the vendor. That is to say, there are no words to say that the wings are better than others on the Internet. It is not meaningful to say that the power and rotation speed of the motor, the weight and angle of the wing, the resistance value of the material, the wind, the movement measured by the design, Unless you take a lot of detail, it is easy to think that it is meaningless to think about it.

    In summary, knowing only the size, thickness, and groove size of the wing, you can purchase the right wing, and if you have a large wing, you can not get it. It is not closed when it is big, but it is not locked when it is small. The groove is 9mm when the monami ball pen enters, and 8mm when it does not. The number of wings does not make sense, so you can purchase the same thing as before.

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