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Buy an Amazon Route53 Domain! The easiest and most detailed tutorial

Create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account If so, the first feature you'll probably find useful is probably 'Route 53' I wonder. 'Route 53' is one of the services of 'AWS (Amazon Web Service)' that can control everything from domain purchase to detailed configuration, management, and connection. This shows the different qualities, features and prices.

This feature should be expensive, with tens of times more features available than other domain buyers, and priced at only $ 12 per year ($ 13.2 in tax). Let's find out how to buy a domain from Route 53, a beneficiary service that can't be used.


    Domain check and selection

  1. Immediately 'Route 53' domain buy page Connect to If you have an 'AWS' ID, you can log in and use it immediately.
  2. Enter the desired domain name in the 'Choose a domain name' field.
  3. Select the domain you want by clicking on the dropbox that says 'com-$ 12.00' on the right and press 'Check'.
  4. Then, availability is available in 'Availability for', if it is marked 'Available' with a green check mark. Conversely, if you see a red cross and the word 'Unavailable' is not available. The price is not always constant and may change depending on the value of the domain.
  5. Add to cart by clicking 'Add to cart' in 'Action' column of desired domain.
  6. Check the registration period (default setting is 1 year) and price in 'Shopping cart' created on the right side and finish by pressing the blue 'Continue' at the bottom.

    Registrant Contact

Once you have selected your domain, you will need to enter your contact information in 'Registrant Contact'. This is a very important part of a domain dispute in the future, so be sure to include your real name and actual content. Similarly, everything should be written in English.

  1. Contact Type-Select 'Person' as the default setting.
  2. First Name-Enter the 'First Name'. (ex. Sang-hyeok)
  3. Last Name-Enter the last name. (ex. Lee)
  4. Organization-Organization. If the type is 'Person', it is skipped.
  5. Email-Email address of the domain owner
  6. Phone-Country code '+82' should be selected. Leave it as it is. If you write down the country code, you should write '0' at the beginning so write down the remaining phone number. For example, if the number is '010-1234-5678', you can write '1012345678' without the dash and the leading '0'.
  7. Address 1-Enter address such as 'road name address'. NAVER English Address Translation Hangul address can be converted easily.
  8. Address 2-Enter detailed report such as 'Apartment Floors', 'East / Lake'.
  9. Country-Select 'Country' or 'South Korea'.
  10. State-'state', skip to select Korea.
  11. City-Write down the address that corresponds to the 'city'.
  12. Postal / Zip Code-This is a 5-digit ZIP code.
  13. Privacy Protection-This is a privacy protection feature. When you search for a domain in a place like Whois, you can see information about that domain, which makes your identity private. It's a very natural feature, but it's also paid by domestic services.

    Email Verification and Completion Process

  1. When you're done, click OK to bring up the 'Skip Email Verification' window, which will send you a confirmation email.
  2. Go to your mailbox and click the link in the mail from 'Amazon ..' to authenticate.
  3. The email verification is completed in 'Email address verification'.
  4. Finally, check 'Your contact details' for any mistakes.
  5. 'Do you want to automatically renew your domain?' The menu is set to 'Enable'. If the one-year contract is over, you will be asked to extend your payment to the card in the information.
  6. 'Terms and Conditions' terms and conditions, check it.
  7. 'Verify the Email Address for the Registrant Contact' email confirmation status. I'm going round and round, and after completing the email authentication and pressing 'Refresh status' it turns into a check mark and completes.
  8. Press 'Complete Purchase' to complete your domain purchase!

The domain registration is now complete. In the description, it can take up to three days to complete the registration, and it will also send you an email if the registration is complete or you cannot register. The current state of the domain Route 53 dashboard I can confirm it, Pending requests page You can also check the status.

Normally, it will take up to ten minutes to an hour instead of three days, and the status will change to 'Domain registration successful'. Once activated, the domain can be used immediately.

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