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Control press the CTRL key to mute, cause the keyboard malfunction & fix

The Gkkmon is very sensitive to the safe use of electronic devices, and it is a long-lasting use of the keyboard, which is a mobile phone. But then, a few days ago, the first thing I did was to put the keyboard on the keyboard with a cover, and then just wiped out the water, so there was no problem. But then, that day, the fine keyboard was on the next evening, and there was an error, and that's why I tried a number of shoquits to solve it, and that would be helpful to someone.

    Only function keys that are muted when you press a control key

This is a phenomenon that gkkmon the dog's own, this time, when you press the left control key (left CTRL key) to mute suddenly, and then press again to Unmute. Other symptoms that appear in this state are the volume is down when you press the CAP lock key, and the volume control (Pause Break) as well. If you press the Windows key or the Print screenshot key (print Screen, SYSRQ), you are either entering lockdown mode or turning off your computer.

All in all, the function keys on the keyboard are a feature that is converted to a Media key or window keys, but it is unusual to have a few function keys to operate normally. The only particular function key is the error, and I knew that the keyboard settings were reversed due to changes in the update or settings that I did not know about. The Control Panel, keyboard options, accessibility options, shortcuts, quick keys, personalization, and all other functions were searched, modified, and reset, but the symptoms were not fixed, and as a last resort, the system was restored to a point in the past, but it was useless. I knew that the problem was a keyboard malfunction by replacing it with a new keyboard (and I was dead).

So if your keyboard is broken, not jammed at all, don't try to fix it on a software-like setting (especially when you're doing media actions, such as muting a control key), or just a few more times, and you know that your keyboard hardware is malfunctioning, and you can test it with a new keyboard or other keyboard. A very high probability is that the keyboard itself has failed and the input signal is faulty. (in the case of a gkkmon, I guess it was a fault in the circuit because of the water that was spent the other day.)

    How to fix keyboard without changing

If this is the case, there is no spare keyboard, and if there is a situation where you can not go to buy now, you can modify the keyboard registry to part. If a registry change is difficult, you can simply change it to a program like "Keytweak".

How to fix keyboard errors with the KeyTweak program,

  • Run KeyTweak and
  • Click Half Teach mode at the bottom
  • Click ' Scan a Single ' and press and hold down the broken key
  • When Scancode is entered, select the key you want to change from the ' Destination key {Select key from List ' menu.
  • Press the ' Remap ' button.
  • The changed keyvalues are entered in the ' Pending changes ' menu at the bottom right, then press ' Alt ' below.
  • It will be applied when rebooting or logging out.
  • This method is not only used in the above case or keyboard error correction, it is also very useful for changing the key value to your liking in situations where you do not use the right ALT key said frequently, or when the key is not set up like a laptop.

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