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Create a subscription button on the bottom right of your YouTube video, share a subscription with a high conversion rate

When you play YouTube videos, you can often see a translucent subscription button that appears at the bottom right of the image. Usually they use white letters on a red background, but they are slightly different, and some people are made to want to press very high quality, while others are depicted as being scribbled with a very low quality look.

In fact, this subscription button is not a menu for the original subscription button, it is a 'watermark branding' function that can be set in 'YouTube Creator Studio> Channel> Branding'.

It is a channel branding function that makes the image translucent by literally uploading a specific image, and displays the watermark by selecting the desired display time from among 'All Videos', 'Custom Start Time' and 'End Video' There is a function that brings up a subscription button when the mouse is brought to this button, and this is a situation that everyone uses as a subscription button.

Since most watermarks that are overwritten on the image do not help to prevent infringement, most watermarks put watermarks when editing images directly, and this YouTube creator's own function watermark is used as a subscription button, As a result, the numbers vary from person to person, but this button has a noticeable increase in subscription conversion rates.

So, today we will look at how to apply this watermark function to YouTube in a simple and clear way, and how YouTube understands how to recognize this watermark image and how to print it, and consider the size, color and font of the most efficient subscription buttons. I will distribute two free watermarks produced by GKKmon for free.

    How to apply a subscription button to your channel on YouTube

  1. First, click on your profile at the top right of the YouTube main screen and enter "Creator Studio" with the gear icon.
  2. Then, on the left (I explain it based on the old basic creator studio, since the new studio does not yet have that function, click the 'Set as default studio' button at the bottom left to access the old studio) Click on the menu.
  3. Then, along with various channel menus, there are five additional menus below which you can click on the 'Branding' menu.
  4. You will see a blue 'Add Watermark' button with a description of the menu labeled 'Watermark Branding.' Click this button to import the image you want to use as a Watermark & Subscription button via 'Select File' Button. If you want to use the subscription button but you do not have the image you want and you can not make it, here's a free subscription button created by GKKmon.
  5. After that, you have to choose 'Display time'. You can choose between 'All videos', 'Custom start time' and 'End of video' as mentioned above. Unless you have a specific reason and purpose, we recommend the "All videos" display time.
  6. When all settings are completed, press the blue 'Update' button to complete the setup.

Depending on channel status and YouTube status, it can be applied instantly as soon as it is updated, and it can take up to 1 ~ 2 weeks. So if you make sure you update it, why not apply it?

    How to create a highly efficient subscription button with high subscription conversion rates

First of all, in order to make an efficient button, you need to know how to print a watermark image on YouTube.

The recommended file format is PNG or GIF, but you should use PNG once to upload a high-quality transparent background image. You do not have to worry about it.

The next is the maximum file size, which can be up to 1MB. As long as you can upload it, it is better to make it as high as possible while keeping unnecessary winning elections. As the horizontal and vertical pixel size increases, the image is resized, so the higher the image quality, the more elegant and clean it looks when it is reduced.

The next most important thing is the size. YouTube's watermark output system is somewhat unique, not all images are given the same space. The square image is printed at the smallest size, and the horizontally or vertically long image is enlarged more. However, it seems to be rather small when the output limit is exceeded because it is too long in the vertical direction. Therefore, it is better to use the widest horizontal and vertical images in the test as long as they are not shrunk through testing, or use a square image of a size that is not difficult for the user to read.

The next important thing is background color and font color. If you are going to upload only YouTube videos of a certain color, you may want to make a customized version, but you can not specify which image to upload. Once the background color is red and the text is white, it is the most standard, which is the best. This is because viewers can intuitively understand that white lettering on the red background is a subscription button. However, if you make this part of the red background look too bright, it will be overlapped with the image when translucent itself is applied. Therefore, it is most effective to set the color to be slightly darker than the appropriate color.

Next is the content. Sometimes I see people trying to put too much content into this scary subscription button. I put a check mark, I put a subscription, I put a Subscribe in English, I put an emoticon. As I said earlier, there is a limit to output by YouTube itself. And even if it looks good, the more the buttons become clumsy, the more the viewers will not look at it. It's clean, compact, and does not harm readability, so users can recognize at a glance 'subscription', 'subscription!' , 'Subscribe' as good as simple as possible.

    Two subscription buttons with all of the above mentioned effective methods

There are two subscription buttons that combine all the aforementioned honey tips. All are copyrighted by GKKmon because they are subscription buttons created by GKKmon at However, since I distribute it for free, I use it freely. If you are going to make these materials in the future, I will always share them for free, so it is useful to subscribe to and YouTube.

The first image is the Mini subscription button, which has the most gritty "subscription!" Written in Korean and has the advantage of being enlarged as much as possible on the horizontal side and actually expanding on YouTube.



The image size is '1000 x 480'. It should be produced in such a large size so that it is expressed with higher quality when it is reduced. A subscription is a button that draws the attention of users with a concise view through messages and exclamation points.

The second image is the one & young subscription button for global users.


The size of the image is '1000 x 880', and the subscription message like the previous Hangul subscription button and the subscription at the bottom are written in English as 'Subscribe', but since it is too long in English, Subs' fonts, and the rest of the 'cribe' section shrunk fonts, pulling readability in small size with maximum efficiency. Also, if you use a color that is too bright as it grows vertically, you can see the text as it is overlapped with the video as mentioned above, so you set the background color a bit darker and increase the intuitiveness.

Just right-click the desired button and save it as it is. Both of these buttons are made with care and they are useful.

    Copyright Copyright

All buttons are copyrighted by GKKmon, and all commercial use is free and available for use as a direct subscription button. However, it is prohibited to redistribute and redistribute or monetize this subscription button directly. (In other words, you download the image and you write it yourself, you can use it freely regardless of what you are doing, or you can change the name of your name and redistribute it.

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