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Customize your YouTube channel How to change the order of playlists created

You can use the 'Playlists created' function on the Home screen while customizing your YouTube channel. This feature makes it possible to see the playlists created on the home screen, which is like a business card that tells the visitor the identity of the YouTube channel and what images to keep up, so it simply acts as a navigation to the playlist However, it does increase the conversion rate of the subscriber to the subscriber.

    Why playlist order is important

But, as a 'created' playlist, it really stacks from the right in the order that you created the playlist, which is what you created early on the YouTube channel, and soon the important playlists, It means. Of course, if you're using a playlist that only ends up with a short project, this might be more appropriate for you, but in most situations it is not. As a result, the core playlists that accumulate more and more content are being pushed back, eventually becoming invisible on the home screen, leaving only the additional new playlists on the home screen that are not identifiable as the YouTube channel's identity.

So, of course, if you are an operator who thinks about intuitiveness and user experience, you will want to change the order of the playlists, but I could not change the order of the 'created playlists'. Even searching did not get the answer to this question, "Is the big company YouTube so lax?" I found the answer when I was about to fall into a disappointment.

This menu was originally created in the order that they were originally created, and using 'multiple playlists' underneath to sort them directly could solve this problem very simply. It's not really that bad, but it's not hard to find another answer in the back of this idea as soon as you know that you are not a person. Because I did not get any results even when I searched, I was thinking, 'Do you think I need this feature to organize my playlists randomly, and are there any other people I want to use?'

    How to reorder YouTube channel custom playlists


  • Click 'Profile' on YouTube
  • Enter "My Channel"
  • Enter "Channel customization" under the top right channel logo
  • Enter the 'Add section' menu at the bottom
  • From the "Content selection" drop-down menu, select "Playlists"> "Multiple playlists"
  • Select 'Playlists'> 'Add playlists' at the bottom that will be active when you select 'Multiple playlists'
  • Enter "section title" (playlists are okay)
  • "Find playlists ..." or enter playlist URLs to add your own playlists
  • Drag the ▦ button at the top of the created playlist to change the order
  • Click 'Finish' to close the menu and press 'Finish' to save the playlist.
  • Setting each one is a bit cumbersome, but considering the effect this custom playlist will have, it's never too late.

    As mentioned at the beginning of the article, a home screen playlist, sorted in an efficient order and in the right category, plays the same role as the "card" of the u-tuber, suggesting site identity and additional content, This is one of the most important factors, even if it's not something to worry about, because it increases the reliability of the YouTube channel. Therefore, even if it is troublesome, make sure to arrange it in a proper efficient order.

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