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Domestic server users can not register Baidu 百度翻译 search engine

Most web operators, in order to expose their site or blog to more search engines, Google (Google), Naver (Naver), Next (Daum), Bing, Zoom (Zum), Jan Dex (Yandex) will be conducting web masters and search registration.
Dog Honey Mon (Gkkmon) In addition to the various sites, search registration and Web Master registration has been conducted without the ability, and this time, while registering the, I learned Baidu 百度翻译, a search engine that can be called Naver in China.

    Google is the only 3 countries in the search engine winning share

There are virtually three countries in the world where Google has not won the search engine share 1. (Japanese sword! My Fan (Yahoo! JAPAN) This is the No.1 share, but Yahoo! my fans rely on Google for all search-related systems, and sooner or later that name will be withdrawn) the main characters are the most famous Russian Yandex, the Naver (Naver) of Korea and Baidu 百度翻译 in China.

I do not know Yandex in Russia, but naver in Korea keeps the first place of the Jjiji floating through overwhelming occupancy effect and the chain country policy (it is too long to change), because China has a lot to do with the characteristics of the Republic contrary to Google's ideology (control of information said opaque Web services, etc.), it has often troubled with Google from the past, and now Google has withdrawn altogether. (The transparency or fairness of information in this section, in compliance with the power to the Republic). In the situation where there is no enemy in the state to keep the top share of Baidu.

    Why did you try to register your site in Baidu 百度翻译, by the way?

In fact, it wasn't long before Yandex knew it, but this time he actually registered the site with the Yandex webmaster and waited for the results to be reflected. The reflection rate is still good so far, it seems not bad as a search engine.
The first impression was to look positively against the foreign search engine, so it was China's Baidu to explore other foreign search engines.

So I learned how to register a site with Baidu, and because it was not registered, I took a long time to browse and execute other methods, and I knew it was impossible to register in the first place in China and Baidu's policy. Because other site operators have been writing this to tell them not to waste time like Gkkmon. The staff was very nice.

    Why can't I register in Baidu 百度翻译?

First of all, I do not know whether it is China's policy or Baidu's policy, but it must be certified by ICP (繁体 备 listened 号) to register the site to Baidu. The server must be in China in order to be certified by the 繁体 备 listened 号). Because it is a country that has a thorough control over the Internet (now called Hong Kong), it seems that this policy is being guarded for control, and for this reason most people are unable to register sites with Baidu.

I thought it was a quick idea to move the hosting server to China, but after that, after submitting the domain information and applying for the ICP registration, and waiting until the passage, the passage of the Chinese police's self-censorship (for reference, it is very difficult to cope with), so I was tempted to register.

So bypassing hard to learn how to create an ID in Baidu (TextNow has a detour to create an ID with a foreign phone number), and how do not try illegally. Anyway, it's blocked from censorship, and doing illegal things can be a problem.

    The bottom line

In order to register a search in Baidu, the server exists in China or Hong Kong, you must register the site in Baidu (said the site is targeted to China), let's go through a cumbersome process. Frankly, the content of the Chinese said mainstream, if you are a regular operator who does not have a reason to come to China, it is recommended to just discard Baidu.


And there is a way to register RSS feed from Baidu RSS Registration page, I waited quite a long time to register, but there was no reaction. Of course, there are other sites that are currently registered through this method, but it seems that it is decided not to be registered by the standards or the bOK bok, it can also be blocked at any time according to Chinese circumstances. In addition, only the site address is duffle registered, the internal content is not registered at all, so it is meaningless. This is just a burrito (if you want to be registered).

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