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Tekken7 normal Jin Kazama Electric wind god fist Easy to use

It is one of the techniques used in the Tetsudou series of the Tetsudou series. It is a delicacy of blood relatives of the characters (Mishima Heijachi, Mishima Kazuya, Kazama Jin)(家傳武術)It is the top technology of the furoshiki and the furoshiki. In the case of Kazama-jin, it is not a full-fledged tangible (the story of the iron-fisted story is such a tragedy fantasy that Heihechi is the grandfather, Kazuya is the father and Kazama Jin is the son and they are killing each other and killing each other) (Left-handed stabbing). It is more difficult than Kazuya because it is not formalized. Kazuya6N3There is also an extraordinary gourd to go out, and a frame to recognize it as a tornado.

    Operation Key Description

(The operation mode in the iron kettle expresses the input of the joystick, etc. by the number of the 1p reference keypad and the neutral (position 5 by the keypad) N)6N23Right> neutral> down> diagonal below right,LP(Left hand punch),RP(Right hand punch),LK(Left foot kick),RK(Right foot kick) represented by four attack buttons.

It is very long talk about super tropics itself,6N23+RPLet's talk about how easy it is to write. First,6N23+RPIf you use the right punch, the right punch technique will be activated. In the explanation, 3 and RP, that is, pressing the last right button and the right punch button at the same time, say that the first right punch comes out. But actually at the same time the last right and pushing the punches goes chaotic bubbling cone anything. The number of simultaneous keystrokes that can be recognized as a second right-handed stroke is allowed. Although there are some such things as a tight frame number, I think it is more difficult because I do not know exactly what timing to press.

    Chopsticks Chopsticks, Chopsticks Simple writing tips

As I opened my eyes this morning, I could not use it in the morning as a result of hanging only on the first day of the day. The trick is to "press RP first, not at the same time". GKKmon is very fond of fighting games (especially the King of Fighters), so the right keystroke is in your body. Even though Amman is pressing at the same time, it seems like he was pressing the attack key after pressing the move key continuously and subtly. Conscious of this part,RPFirst, and then quickly23Feeling of cancellation "6N23+RPHowever,6N RP+23. In fact,RPFirst2If you press the button, you will get a motion to shoot the floor with your fist. If you use the feeling that you can cancel by pressing 6 quickly before this motion comes out, you will be surprised at the chorus!

The reason why people do not get superfluous will be different, but if the user does not get superfluous, chocochi, or leftovers for the same reasons as GKKmon, it will be almost as magical as magic.

In addition to this, if you want to tell us why and how to get out of the super-

  • You have to be neutral, not front to back.626Not properly6 N 2 3I have to press.
  • 6N23+RPmedium23+RPSince the timing of the part is to determine the superfluous, press forward and hold the neutral6NTiming is freely adjustable without having to do it quickly.
  • Even if you know the exact timing, the theory, and the manipulation, it is a bit different that you know and you can do it with your finger. Because of the superb fancy-chocchi, it's really strange that if you know how to do it properly, you will get better as you practice longer. It is not that "exercise alone" is ignorant, but it is really effective in improving the success rate of practice.
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