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f.lux - How to use the life program to block the blue light and protect your eyes

The program to introduce today was introduced last time 'Input directors that share the mouse, keyboard, and clipboard on multiple computers' Input Director' And f.lux (Flux, Flux) which is one of GKKmon's life program which is used for nearly 10 years.

f.lux is a program that reduces the blue light from the monitor. However, the program is a different kind of program that is popular on the street. First, as soon as the program is installed, the user inputs the location information through a program such as Google Map. By this, the user can grasp the country and current latitude and longitude and adjust the brightness of the screen by considering the time zone of the actual user and the intensity of the sun light. (But GKKmon does not use this automatic adjustment function because it does not use it).

Because of this, during daylight hours when sunlight is bright, it darkens the screen and resolves the invisible or heterogeneous problems and makes the eyes warmer in the warmer and darker colors in the evening when it is darker than usual. It is designed to reduce eye fatigue and reduce sleep pattern interference.)

In addition to this automatic adjustment function, you can switch off and on by pressing the 'Alt + End' key when performing color grading tasks, or even the unique modes for use in a completely dark room such as 'Darkroom mode' It is a simple and lightweight software, but its function is a very amiable guy. That's why it's so useful software that you have to keep using it once, and I've been using it for almost 10 years, so I'll give you a brief introduction to this program.

    How to download and install

It is very simple to download and install because it is an updated program. first f.lux official download page And click 'Download f.lux (v4.84)' in the blue box in the middle. Then run 'flux-setup.exe' file downloaded. The subsequent installation process is simple enough to explain.

    f.lux Initial settings after installation

After installation, it asks for the first location. If you want to keep the same brightness regardless of time zone like GKKmon, or if you want to use it according to your situation, do you want to turn on location service? When you ask "No," just press the button.

If you want to use automatic location control

  • 'Where am I?' To ask for latitude and longitude (If you accidentally turned it off, you can reset it by clicking on the longitude and latitude portion at the bottom right of the f.lux window labeled 'Location: 37.7? N, 127.0? E' ) You should enter longitude and latitude in the window.
  • Basically, it seems to do the search, but it does not recognize the Korean language, and it is often wrong to input something in English. So click on 'View large map' of Google map below to find your own location and click on it.
  • When clicked, position name and number are listed at the bottom, and these numbers are latitude and longitude. Drag and copy or paste it into the text area of 'Please enter a zipcode or location:' and press 'Search' button.
  • Now, if you press 'OK' button, automatically optimized brightness will be applied through input location information.
  • Now the basic installation and settings are over and you can use them as they are, but you can further customize them to suit your tastes through settings and settings. All f.lux menus are executed by pressing the three-line burger button on the upper left of the flux window.

      f.lux specific usage & settings

      Brightness setting by time zone Adjust day and night colors together

    When you set the region, the brightness of the screen is adjusted by dividing into three times in daytime, sunset, and bedtime. In these three times, the intensity of light can be directly customized.

  • Enter the three-line menu at the top left and click 'Adjust day and night colors together'.
  • Then, in the three time zones shown, you can move the circles left and right to set them yourself.
  • Since the operation from the color of the bar is very intuitive, no further explanation is required.
    • Options and smart lighting Options and Smart Lighting

    The second menu, 'Options and Smart Lighting ...', allows you to set the f.lux options and shortcuts. I will explain all the key menus without explaining everything one by one because everything works as explained without precautions.

    The function 'Use these hotkeys to control f.lux' is checked by default, which determines whether f.lux uses shortcut keys.

  • The 'Alt + End' button temporarily turns the f.lux function off and on. This is a very useful feature when you need to distinguish the correct color by doing pictures and photos of Photoshop or Premiere Pro. GKKmon is the most popular shortcut to use f.lux, so let's just remember one thing.
  • 'Alt + PageUp', 'Alt + PageDown' Adjusts the brightness of the monitor. It is not a functional color of f.lux but a function that really controls the brightness of the monitor itself. When working at night, if the light is too strong, it will be a burden on the eyes, and it is very useful when doing so.
  • 'Alt + Shift + PageUp', 'Alt + Shift + PageDown' Changes the color of f.lux's own functions. Because it is possible to adjust very finely, it is advantageous to adjust it directly if it is too dark and it is difficult to distinguish the color or the eyes.
  • The next important feature is the 'How quickly should transitions happen?' Function, f.lux basically changes very slowly to give you time to adjust to the eye when the color changes, you can change this speed. The steps are Slow, Medium, and Very Fast. GKKmon uses 'Very Fast' because of his character.

      f.lux Brightness and color control Change current color

    It is color and brightness control which can be performed by the function of 'Alt + Shift + PgUp & PgDn'. You can adjust the color from 1200K to 6500K, and you will feel that you have a name for each color.

      f.lux's screen effects and special colors Effects and extra colors

    In addition to simple brightness control, f.lux's unique screen effects and unique colors can be specified.

  • Movie Mode - It's movie mode, but it's probably a color optimized for movies, but I do not know what else it is.
  • Darkroom Mode - This is a dark room mode. It is a very unique and attractive mode, but it is very easy to use when the room is dark all over.
  • Vignette Mode - Vannette mode is a familiar term for people who work with video, but it makes the screen darker and focuses on the center of the screen. If you use it, you can see what you are talking about, but personally this mode is very novel. It's a fun mode when you need to read or concentrate on something.
  • These three effects are effective, and you can change them to specific colors below that of f.lux. Therefore, it can be used with effects, each of which means colors as they are called.

      Disable mode to stop f.lux for a while

    Finally, you can disable the function for a moment. This is usually done using the 'Alt + End' key, which defaults to returning after an hour.

  • If you select 'until sunrise', the function will be turned off until the sunrise,
  • 'for fullscreen apps' is automatically turned off at full screen.
  • Finally, there is a function that turns on the program you are currently running (for example, if you are using Chrome, a menu called 'when using Google Chrome' is created). If you are editing images or working with images, it would be very comfortable to set it up until Photoshop or Premiere Pro turns off.
  • And although not on this menu, you can change the color with the drop-down menus in the upper-right corner of f.lux.


    Whenever you write about a long-used program, your writing becomes longer than you think. I have a lot of affection and I want to let you know a lot of functions. I've dealt with almost all of the features that you will actually use with f.lux, but it's a very valuable program that will protect your eyes beyond convenience (and also works well with dry eye syndrome), so if you have a chance, be sure to try it out.

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