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100% Completely Free Commercial Korean Fonts 29 Copies Free

Fonts can be roughly classified into three types according to freedom.

  1. Paid font
  2. Partial free font
  3. Totally Free Fonts

    Paid font

First, paid fonts are less competitive than free fonts, and the way they are purchased is also not a license to end up purchasing, and you do not want to use it any more. Because of the very complicated details, the story is also very much like having to distribute free or pay for it, but also to threaten the law. Again, most creators do not even care if they are not completely new. Font.

    Partial free font

Secondly, partial free fonts are more malicious than paid fonts in some respects. Of course, the creator of fonts should make some disclosure, but if you want to exercise your rights as original authors, such as specifying the fact that I made it, leaving the original source, there is no problem at all. However, as mentioned before, "I will share free fonts!" And then distributed a lot, and then later, violating the Copyright Act later called the threatening phone, the most common part of the free font is used.

This is because it is the most malicious way to personally recognize that it is the most unfortunate way to use, rather than paying more fonts to use the most uneasy and uncomfortable way (people around the font rather than write a free font to write a font). Also, I would like to ask you to read the copyright law of fonts such as' individuals, organizations, corporations, signs, banners, publications, websites, posters, books, ebooks, product packaging, presentations, BI, CI, embedded, transformation, There are a lot of things to consider, each one of the fonts are allowed, some are unallowable, and all of them are so wide, so I used it because it was called free fonts, and suddenly one day suddenly " If you do not want to be sued, give me a settlement of 1 million won! (It's a real case, but it's not necessarily a settlement.) "

    Totally Free Fonts

So the font we need to use is the "absolutely free" font. Perhaps the users who came in through the keyword free fonts are likely to have to create their own fonts. In other words, I am currently working on creativity, and I can act as a creator in the future, and copyright issues are a very important issue for these creators, so you have to use free fonts.

Of course, there are many people who use partial free fonts properly. However, if you want to give tips with your experience of creativity for a long period of time, it is better to use only 100% completely free fonts. The reason is that as time goes by, fonts accumulate, and later it is impossible to memorize and distinguish which fonts are among the dozens of hundreds of fonts. In addition, it is inefficient even if it is separated, and it is anxious whether it can be used every time, and when using a font, it is surely a little shy even in the creation. And being constrained to exert creativity is a fatal consequence for creators. And we have to look at all the things mentioned above such as' individuals, organizations, corporations, signs, banners, publications, websites, posters, books, ebooks, product packaging, presentations, BI, CI, embedded, transformation, It is also possible to get rid of the free fonts that are cleverly damaged.


So if you try to find a completely free font, it is not as easy as you might think. If you do not know what type of fraud you want, you can use it with a free font, but if you do not know what to do with it, It is not too much trouble to find 100% free fonts that are completely neat while thoroughly checking the details one at a time.

Therefore, GKKmon will check all parts of 'personal, group, corporate, sign, banner, publication, website, poster, book, ebook, product packaging, presentation, BI, CI, embedded, Passed. As a matter of fact, I have put together only commercially available fonts that are 100% completely free with no worries about copyright. This page is also a page for me, so the fonts listed below can be used with confidence. It's free in all parts.

However, there is a behavior that should not be done with this completely free font, "It is prohibited to sell the font file itself separately." That is to say, it does not matter whether the text is written or modified commercially, but it does not matter if you bundle the original text of the extension '.ttf' into a bundle and commercialize it. Also, you should not modify and distribute the original as you make it. However, this is a very unusual case, and you can use it without worrying that it is not a problem for any part that you use as a creator in common sense as a proper creator.

Also, for users who are worried about which font to use even among these completely free fonts, not all fonts are listed on this page because they are 100% free. Based on my long experience, I have selected the most efficient, practical, and often used fonts to choose from, so do not worry about users with selective disabilities.

After downloading the fonts, simply type 'font' in the 'Search programs and files' window by pressing 'Windows key' in the font file with the extension 'ttf' or go to the control panel and drag and drop The installation is complete and ready to use.

    100% completely free font name and description, original download source

GKKmon once selected it, but I prepared a preview image of the font by number so that I could receive only the font I like. You can download your favorite fonts from the same number at the bottom. Free fonts are virtually non-existent, and similar ones are an exception.


    Should I use only one font?

If you ask me to choose only one free font, I will definitely choose the 'Noto Sans CJK KR' font without hesitation. Tidy from the quality. It is not too bored, it is a good font in terms of design. It is a great guy who goes well in any situation, and at least in normal situations even if he does not fit well. If you want to use only the best one font, you can use this font without having to look at the 28 fonts below.

    1. Google (Google) Noto Sans CJK KR

Noto Sans CJK KR Google Official Download Page

It is the 'Sans' font of the 'Noto' sieve, which can be called the most powerful and ending in the completely free fonts. It is the most complete font in existence, such as versatility, quality, cleanliness, and so on, just as Google is a font created by Adobe and many other companies to harmonize fonts and formats worldwide. There are several fonts that start with 'Noto', but this one is the cleanest and most versatile. 'Sans-serif' means a stroke with no stroke and 'Gothic' in Korean. 'CJK' stands for 'Chinese - Japanese - Korean', which means Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts. It is also the font you see the most when you collaborate with other artists & creators such as Premiere Pro. It is a pretty good all-around font that you can write anywhere.

    2. Google (Google) Noto Serif CJK KR

Noto Serif CJK KR Google Official Download Page

The other explanation is the same, and it is 'Serif' which means the letter with a stroke of stroke and 'Serif' body of 'Noto' which is called 'Myeongjo' body in Korean.


    Feature-rich, beautiful, and highly utilized corporate fonts

Fonts for corporate promotions, including 'TIMONCHE'. Although it is a free font, it is for the purpose of promoting the company, and individuality and effort are felt in each font. Also, 'Monoshi Chee' is a favorite font after GKKmon 's' Noto Sans', because it does not miss the neat and uncluttered cuteness, which is also a nice font everywhere.

    3. Timon (TMON)

Timon (TMON) monaural body download page

It is a monaural chedi made by Timon (TMON). On the official page, "The font is a coexistence of soft rolled and impacted thickness." . And I do not need to be frank, GKKmon is the Top 2 font I use most often with 'Noto Sans'. If you use it directly, you can see it immediately. It is not clumsy, but moderately round and cute font is impressive, bright, neat, cute atmosphere. If 'Noto Sans' is a tidy, sophisticated and elegant ending king, 'Timon Monchhosi' can be regarded as the ending king of fonts,

    4. Timon (TMON) Tium

TIMON (TMON) Tium Body Download Page

The Tium body made for the purpose of producing the company, service name, title, etc. is the English-only font. So if you use Hangul with this font, you will get an error saying that the box is displayed. Though it can be felt in the preview above, it is more cute than the monoshi-che, and the design is sophisticated. If you use it in practice, you will not use it because you are annoying to apply fonts alternately, but you can use it when you want to make a nice phrase in English only.

    5. Cacao (Kakao)

Cacao (Kakao) Sandol microbiology official download page

It is a font created by Yoon Tae-ho, the author of 'Mikuni', a famous web drama. The atmosphere of 'micro-life' is warm and emotional as it is, and it is a font that is filled with calm feeling. Therefore, it is better to use it as text or atmosphere text, which is short in content and flowing in a mood, rather than being used for titles or areas that need to be highlighted.

    6. tvN fun story

tvN Funny Story Official Download Page

'tvN' is a font made for the 10th anniversary of the opening of the country, and it is a font that shows a casual and bright atmosphere as you can see from the font name. It is good to use it as light text flowing like the previous "Sandol microbe" but it is well suited to bright and lively atmosphere, and it is also useful for the title in some cases.

    7. Yanolja

Yanolja Official Download Page

It is a font distributed as a memorial for Hangul in Yanolja. On the official page, "I emphasized familiarity with the motif of a handwritten pen," "It is a point font that is easy to raise concentration when used for presentation PPT, title, and keyword." . GKKmon also thinks that this official position is very good expression of ' Although it is casual and bright, it is not bright atmosphere like 'pleasant storytelling' but it is round and neatly finished even if there is no 'Serif', so it is clear bright and cute atmosphere, but it is neat and tidy. If it is a font that is used when the 'Sandol Mio body' is spoofed, 'Ya Body' is like a feeling that it is written on school supplies and promotional materials.


    Local fonts with uniqueness and character

This is not a corporate publicity, but a local publicity. Since free fonts are known as promotional items, quite a few regions have introduced fonts, but not all of them are exciting. Among them, only those who had high utilization were looked at.

    8. Jeju-do Jeju-do

Jeju-do Jeju-do, Korea

The 'Jeju Halla Sanchi', distributed by Jeju Island, expresses well the texture of odd-toned basalt which seems to be worn by winds and waves that come up when 'Jeju Island'. Fonts are well crafted and unique, but rather than using emotional and mysterious writing, which is probably intended to produce, "Spicy fried chicken is too hot!" The same screaming or painful phrase, "Dare ...!" It is a font well suited to the same anger, sadness, and throbbing atmosphere. In fact, GKKmon is also often used in a painful or depressing atmosphere. In addition to these fonts, 'Jeju Gothic' and 'Jeju Mingo' are distributed together, but they are not included in the list because they are ordinary fonts that have not been featured. Those who need it are likewise free fonts.

    9. Asan City Yi Sincheon

Asan City Yi Suche Official Download Page

The 'Yi Soon Shin' distributed in Asan City in Chungcheongnam-do is a font based on the Chinese font of 'Lanzhou Diary' written by Yi Sun-sin during his lifetime. The motif is a font that feels the strength of Yi Sun-shin, a legendary general in the sense of a motif, but it is strikingly handwritten, but there is an impressive 'Serif' that expresses the texture of a sharp and sharp brush. As you can see at a glance, 'death is the death penalty. If you are ready to die, you will live. If you want to live, you will die. " It is a good font to use when expressing a strong will. Paradoxically, it is not such a serious situation at all. "I have to win this game!" Like the situation that seems to say.

    10. Asan City Yi Sun-shin

Asan City Yi Sun-Shing's official download page

In the same page, the official page shows "the vision of Asan City, which is progressive and dynamic, moving forward for the future along with the solidity, justice and straight spirit of Admiral Yi Sunsun." , But honestly, the name of 'Yi Soon Shin' has a strong sense of tying. But the naming is merely a strong sense of selling, and the font itself is very good. It is neatly expressed in the style of 'Sans-serif', but it is more sophisticated and character alive than a sophisticated character. It is a moderately authentic document, but it can be used when you can not give up cleanliness and character. I personally do not use fonts so often.

    11. Goyang City (Goyang City)

Goyang City Goyang City Official Download Page

The 'Goyangchee' distributed by Goyang city in Gyeonggi province was not originally a cat mascot, but in the past, the name of the city and its homonym, 'cat' character, and 'cat' There is an enemy, and it seems to have been pointed out by the influence 'Goyangche'. The official homepage of Catch Prize is "Do you want to use the elevator?" It is a font that aims to be cute and cute. On the official page, he says, "a friendly, unauthorized, friendly typewriter with his hands pressed in a straight line." It is an explanation that I need to get into saying that it is not authoritative, but it is a cute font anyway. It is useless enough to write down the purpose of use separately, and it can be used for cute text. And because it is surprisingly clean, it can be used quite versatile. The 'Goyang Deokyangchee' and 'Goyang Ilsan Chee' which are distributed together are exceptional because they are ordinary fonts that do not have a special feature like those of 'Jeju Fonts'. Those who need it are free fonts.


    Three fonts in Gabia

Gavia's fonts are not used often, but they are extremely unique beyond personality, so it's a font that you want to give a score for its peculiarity rather than its frequency of use. It is also a story that it is not bad to use it for ventilation occasionally as if it gets tired of eating the same side dish even if it is a good font, but the effect is maximized only if it matches well. Introducing a three-piece set of Gavia that refuses to be mediocre.

    12. Gabia

Gabia Sarmice Official Download Page

According to the official page description, "Sarmiche", which is distributed by Gabia, "expresses the font of the font used in the cheap and common pen, the thick font and the appropriate friction, and suppresses the feeling of late night explosion Good font when you do not like "is said. I do not know why, but the fonts seem to like to attach these extraordinary expressions. However, all the other explanation is sympathetic. The uniform thickness and rounded finish which I really like with the pen, it is impressive that I can not pretend to be cute but cute with neat sense of tidiness. However, it is such a thing that other characters are not used so often by firm fonts. You can use it when you want to express text that is not overloaded properly.

    13. Gabia

Gabia Spring Winds Official Download Page

It is also a 'spring wind' distributed by Gabia. On the official page, "It features a light brush stroke like a spring breeze, and the shape of the strokes and the shape of the pie-head pointing upward indicate the flexibility and agility of the calligraphy. It reduces the imbalance that is likely to occur in handwritten characters. " "He says. It's not that the explanation is wrong, but if you actually use it, it's just a little unusual. Because it is unusual and pretty in some situations but very readable, it is recommended to use it for non-readable character phrases.

    14. Gabia flat block

Gabia flat block body official download page

It is the last font of Gabia, a flat block. On the official page, "The difference in thickness and slope that makes the flat nib is attractive." . It is obvious that it is a unique and beautiful font, and as you can see in the preview, fonts are very irregular, so readability is seriously degraded. As with 'spring winds', it is recommended to use it for character phrases and designs that are not important for reading. Specifically, this is a text that fits well with the antique atmosphere of a vampire & bats & count.


    Elegant Brothers - Delivery Ethnic Fonts

There are seven kinds of fonts commonly called 'Baeumin font'. These fonts are not intended to be overly individualistic and specific, but they are missed, beautiful, and designable fonts. So even though it looks similar at first glance (except for Gianlujang), each one looks pretty good fonts.

    15. Delivery of the nation (Baemin) Hannasche Pro

The nation of delivery (Baemin) Hannasche Pro official download page

The Baemin font of delivery has many fonts derived from the first created 'Hannasche'. The latest version is the "Hannascene Pro" font. The font itself is also nice, but the biggest feature is that it replaces text that is not actually used in the food image with food images at the time of typing! And disappear. For example, when typing the word 'jaejangmyeon', it is inevitable that 'ㅉ>>> 짲> 짜 Jaejae> 장 Jaejang 장 is done in this way. At this time, It is the principle that comes out and disappears. On the official page, he says, "I'm hungry when I'm hungry." As I said earlier, the font itself is nice, but it is a font that is more distinctive and distinctive than that. Using these features, I can use it in a video medium where the type of typing rather than the completion phrase is as it is in Live.

    16. Delivery of the people (Baemin) Hannasche Air

Nation of Delivery (Baemin) Hannasche Air Official Download Page

'Hannah Chee Air' was created for titles '20. Hannah is said to have transformed 'eleven flesh' into a font for the text. The official page says that it is elegant and readable. Can be used when thin fonts are needed.

    17. Delivery of the nation (Baemin)

Nation of Delivery (Baemin) Guanlixiang official download page

'Gyarang Haengsanche' is a feature of 'I concentrate on one person, and I made it by filling the shape of a bruised letter borders, and when I painted it, the circle became different from my mind, "explains the official page. When you listen to the explanation, it is funny that you really have a lot of inside of 'ㅇ', 'ㅁ' and so on. It can be useful when you want to write an irregular feeling or a four-dimensional feeling.

    18. Delivery of Baemin

Baemin of the nation of delivery Download official page

The "soft body" is described as "the characteristic of the calligraphic sieve, which is written in a motif of Jeju Island's pumpkin syrup, and written with careful character, with a rhythm of dullness." In fact, it feels like a handwritten feeling, but it is neat and tidy. It can be used to express text that has been written in a clear but deliberate manner, as described in the official text.

    19. Delivery of Baemin

The nation of delivery (Baemin) official download page

'Do Hyunchee' is a font that motifs the old signboard made by cutting and cutting the acrylic plate. It is characterized by the consonant and vowel strokes being connected to each other, and the shape of ' I applied a glyph that changes automatically depending on the vowel. " As described in the official format, it is impressive that the atmosphere is like a green figure, not a letter. It is good when you create an angular atmosphere. Misuse can be frowned upon.

    20. The nation of delivery (Baemin)

The nation of delivery (Baemin) Hanna Fuller Official Download Page

"Hannah is a ten-year-old man" is a "font with the feeling that the shape of the crooked figure is falling because of the motif of 1960 ~ 70's signboard cut with the knife with the sheet paper on the acrylic plate and the space between the uneven letters of the early" "Hanna is re-created as a ten-year-old", a more complete text, explaining on the official page. In other words, the upgraded version of Hannah Chee. So when you visit the official download page, "Hannah Chee" is only explained and can not be downloaded because it is not an official version but "Hannah is a superhero". As explained, it is true that it is cut in a different way from 'Dohyeongche', but it is alive that the paper is cut and pasted on the plate. It is moderately monogamous, but it has some uniformity. It is a good and fresh title.

    21. The nation of delivery (Baemin)

Nation of delivery (Baemin) Ace official download page

'Ju Ace' is a font that is made by drawing a handwritten signboard made by a brush directly, a font which is drawn with a brush and gives the impression that the thickness of the stroke is uniform and the dongle is dongle. It is characterized by the warmness and the fondness of the old signboard. Page. However, if you use it, it is very clean and the round finish is impressive unlike the official explanation. I can feel the warmth, but it is a sophisticated feeling, not the old - fashioned signboard. It is also suitable for phrases that use characters because readability is not bad.



Naver's sharing fonts are nothing more specific or unique than "sharing handwriting." However, the basic fonts are not free, but some fonts are good fonts because they make you feel like you are legitimately using them as a free font. In short, 'Gothic, Myeongjo', which is installed in Windows by default, is not a free font, so it is very useful to use it as 'Sharing Gothic, Sharing Mystery'.

    22. Naver (Naver) Sharing Gothic

Naver Sharing Gothic Official Download Page

On the official page, it says, "The font is a friendly and soft feeling by rounding the sharp part of the end of the letter." As mentioned earlier, the Naver fonts are a font that is installed once, because the fonts used are unusual or pretty, and they feel that they use free fonts for free.

    23. Naver Sharing

Naver (Naver) Sharing manga official download page

It is the same. On the official page, "Let the power of the calligraphy be felt, but as it was systematic, I cut off the end of the letter boldly. It expresses" Sharing Mingo "as being linearly expressed with force and modern and clear feeling.

    24. Naver (Naver) Share your handwriting

Naver (Naver) Sharing handwriting official download page

It is the most personable and beautiful 'sharing handwriting font' among Naver fonts. As the name implies, it is cute, but it is written in handwriting. The two versions of 'brush and pen' are subtly different, not only in thickness but also finishing. It is a good font that is not enough for handwriting. However, as you can see in the preview, the font itself is a bit smaller. On the official page, "Sharing handwriting fan body is clean and bright, and the handwriting embossing body is charming with uncomfortable comfort and rhythm."

    25. Naver Sharing Font echo

Naver Sharing Font Echo Official Download Page

There are two kinds of 'Sharing Font Echo' fonts, 'Sharing Gothic Echo' and 'Sharing Echo Echo', as well as 'Penche' and 'Paint' of 'Sharing Handbook'. However, this font is not unique in its shape, and its principle is supposed to be "font" that can be used to save ink by punching holes in "Sharing Gothic and Sharing" in the official page. This way you can save up to 35% of ink, which means you can reduce the amount of ink cartridges we consume in excess of 10 million per year and the amount of carbon dioxide produced during the inking process. " . I do not think it's a lie, but it does not matter. It is an impressive eco-friendly font that has a hole between letters as explained. However, not only in terms of saving, but also in terms of how to use the design is visible, I have never actually used.

    26. Naver (Naver) Good Gothic

Naver (Naver) Good Gothic Official Download Page

"Nanumun Gothic" explains, "It is a mobile-optimized authentic Gothic font. It makes the font look the most clean and thicker, and it makes it look crisp. It does not have any protrusions or curves, so it reads well on small screens." . I do not know if it's actually so readable, but it's a neat font that looks quite fancy, as you can see in the preview.

    27. Naver (Naver) Sharing Pen

Naver (Naver) Sharing pen official download page

"Nanumarunpen" is a hand-writing style that is like "I'm honest and hard-pressed, it's a gentle and restrained feeling" based on the Gothic style. The other is similar to Gothic, but features a very close spacing. So you can put all the text in a compact and narrow space. It is very useful depending on the situation.

    28. Naver (Naver) Nanum Square

Naver (Naver) Naumu Square official download page

"Nanum Square" is "a straight line, well suited to the title and font that looks good on mobile." On the official page. There is certainly no distinctive feature, but it is neat, angular, simple, and well visible.

    29. Naver (Naver) Sharing Square Round

Naver (Naver) Nanum Square Round Official Download Page

"Nanum Square Round" is a font that has a youthful, cheerful impression, designed as a round and tranquility module that is easy to see as a "family of square fonts", explains the official page. It is based on the 'Sharing Square' font as described, but it is the guy who made the 'round' feeling that the end is round and round.


More than 29 fonts are used by GKKmon in real world, filtered by experience. Known Korean free fonts are compressed and compressed, and this page is preserved forever, so you can save this page without worrying about lifetime fonts anytime and anywhere.

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