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Google AdSense Publisher toolbar error solution. Google Publisher Toolbar Installation

The Google AdSense Publisher toolbar puts filters on the site you own or set up, preventing you from clicking Fraud, AdSense in real time today, yesterday, this month, last month, historical and channel revenue status check, the Google Chrome extensions (Chrome extensions), the ability to verify and report and block information about ads on the site in real time. (But the reality is that it's a little more comfortable, and most of all, it's hard to click fraud prevention.)

    How to install the Google AdSense Publisher toolbar

The Google AdSense Publisher toolbar is downloaded from the Google AdSense Publisher toolbar down link in the Chrome Web Store (added to Chrome), click on installed extensions to use Google AdSense, or double-click (DoubleClick), and sign in with your analytics account to access them right away.

It is an extension that can be easily installed and easy to use, but the current cause is unknown and errors in the Chrome browser. There is no integration after installation. But the solution to this error is really simple, and I'll tell you the SIWEONHI solution because it's just a strange thing to search.

    Publisher Toolbar Oryubyeol Solutions

First, the error is:

Copy this code, switch to your application, and then paste.
4/Qvatkvdstvak346ewryva # $v 6Y34YEVRYVEDFYGHSERDHDF

There is an error in connection with something you can look at,
do not panic, right-click on the Google Publisher toolbar icon > "extension management" Select > "Allow access to the file URL" toggle on (blue). You can also
you may not be able to use this link by changing the ID of the app, so let's go and go in person.

The same error screen, but another error that comes out, is that there is an error that is fixed when you press Chrome (Chrome) F12 to launch Chrome developer tools, and then disable the other extensions in red from the "Console" tab and reinstall the Publisher toolbar (Naver toolbar said).

and using it well

The Google Publisher toolbar is not yet initialized.
Please try again in a few minutes.

There is also a message, but it does not matter if you wait a few minutes as the contents of the warning window, if
not, right click on the Google Publisher toolbar icon-"extension management" Selection > "use" toggle recycle or, if you delete the extension at all, it will be solved.

In addition, Google Publisher toolbar definition, installation, use of the toolbar with Incognito windows, access to overview of revisions, view Google Analytics data in the revision overview, more information, such as using the on-site ad overlays, blocking ads in the Ad Details window, viewing ad details from overlays, reporting problem ads in the Ad Details window, why overlays are not displayed, and the Google Publisher toolbar FAQ Can be found in the help.

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