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How to connect an AWS Route53 domain to Tistory. And precautions

Last time Buy your domain on 'Amazon Route53' If you do, you can connect to the 2nd generation subscription blog Tistory in Korea. Using this combination, domains have the advantage of being able to use my domain address and at the same time greatly reducing the burden on maintenance costs such as hosting, cloud, and so on.

sure Why did you create a GKKmon site and what is the most important thing when designing a blog? As I said, there is still a big downside to having corporate dependence. However, because I use my domain address instead of using the Tstory domain as it is, I can be prepared for some threats such as Tiststore closure and account blocking. Because you can visit). So, let's look at the settings for connecting a private domain to Tistory today.


    Connect 'AWS Route53' private domain as 'A Record' to Tistory

  1. Go to the Tistory Administrator page and click the 'Admin → Blog' or profile icon at the bottom to go to the Blog Settings page.
  2. At the bottom, you can find the 'Private Domain Settings' menu and the URL input window. For now, you will only see the message 'Please check the DNS service configuration information again'.
  3. Therefore, configuration should be done first in the domain service side. If you can register a CNAME record in the root domain, you can put '' and '', but a good major service like AWS Route53 doesn't support it as a standard for security reasons. Going). If you want to use it as a CNAME, you can register it with 'www.domain' by prefixing 'www'. However, if you register as 'domain', you will get an error message. In other words, when using a normal domain service including AWS Route53, you must register through 'A Record'.

  4. Route 53 Management Console 'Hosted zones' Click on your domain to access the details.
  5. Then, you can see information such as 'Name', 'Type', and 'Value'. You don't have to worry about it. Press the blue 'Create Record Set' button at the top.
  6. This will open the 'Create Record Set' menu on the right, click on the 'Type' dropbox and select 'A-IPv4 address' (the default).
  7. Do not touch anything else. Enter the 'A Record IP address of the store' in the value of 'Valuse:' below. Tistory Official IP Address Verification PageYou can check the latest address updated at, and the current address is '27 .0.236.139 '.
  8. Press the blue 'Create' button at the bottom and you're all set for DNS.
  9. Go back to TISTORy and enter the domain address in the URL field of the 'Personal Domain Configuration' menu (ex
  10. The registration is completed when you press the 'Save Changes' in orange which is activated. You will see the message 'DNS Configuration Information-Verification Complete'.
  11. The 'secure access certificate' at the bottom is automatically issued by simply registering through the process of 'waiting for issue → issuance completion'. The information takes from a few hours up to seven days. After about ten minutes, the issue was completed.
  12. That's all there is to it, feel free to use your private domain store.

The key point is that when using 'Route 53', 'CNAME' registration is not possible (although it is possible to use 'www' address, so there is an error and it is not good). It's a little bit of a necessity to update the IP address every time you change the IP address.However, if you are a normal service, you don't have to change it so often, and there are no other alternatives. Keep in mind.

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