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How to create specific filters for Gmail

Thanks to its powerful anti-spam and filter features, Gmail is much more comfortable to use in its default state than other mail.

However, it is not spam mail, but it needs to be received, and dozens of emails come in one day. It is meaningless because the mail box is filled with such mail all over it, and it is a necessary mail which it is necessary to receive, certainly, to block.

In this case, using the filtering function of Gmail (Gmail) is very useful. You can filter messages with a wide variety of settings, including "From, To, Subject, Including, Exclusion, Size, Period, Search, Attachment, I do not send it, but I can set it up to the desired archive or category.

In particular, you can use the 'Include Words' filter to sort out only the emails you want most effectively. Let's quickly make a neat and organized mailbox!

    Add a category before creating a filter

I'm not worried if all of the social and promotional categories are set as the default, but if not, you have to open up a new category.

  1. Click the jag right icon in the upper right corner of Gmail and go to 'Settings'.
  2. Go to the 'Inbox' tab of the setup menu at the top.
  3. Check the categories as you like in 'Basic, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums' in the 'Categories' menu.
  4. Click 'Save Changes' at the bottom to save!

At this time, we can not add more than this category to the default state.

    How to create a filter with 'containing words'

As I mentioned earlier, it is not spam, but the 'Include Words' feature is most effective if you want to group mail by type. For example, if you want to block comments on YouTube but filter it as 'From', it will filter out all YouTube notifications, notifications, and warning emails.

Also, because these automatic reminders always come in the same pattern, it's easier to filter by "containing words." For example, YouTube comments mail always comes in this way.

New comment on "노트북 발열 순식간에 줄이는 6가지 미친 꿀팁!"
New comment on "포토샵 이미지와 사진을 대각선으로 자르고 겹치는 방법"
New comment on "증폭과 노멀라이즈 차이가 뭐지? 오다시티에서 사용법까지 정리"

In this way, you always have the phrase "New comment on" at the beginning of the subject, and you can filter by that phrase.

  1. First, put your keywords in the 'Search Mail' tab at the top of Gmail (Gmail) and search. (If the desired e-mails are not properly filtered, adjust the keywords and filter them again.)
  2. Then click the '↓' arrow to the right of the search box to expand the drop-down menu.
  3. Then the menu will pop up and you will automatically find 'New comment on' in the 'Included Words'. In this state, click 'Create Filter'.
  4. Now, select the category you want to move the filtered messages to, and click on 'Next Category' at the bottom, set the desired category ('social' for YouTube mail) Click 'Create Filter' one more time.

This completes the filter. In the future, all comment notifications and subscription notifications will be categorized as 'Social' tabs, so you can use your emails very comfortably.

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