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How to crop and overlap Photoshop images and photos diagonally (neat & smooth)

Photoshop is easy to use and free to learn and get used to, but it's really inconvenient, intuitive, and complicated for beginners to use.

Because of this, you have to know how to combine photos diagonally, rather than horizontally and vertically. Let's learn how to do it neatly and cleanly and smoothly, grading and cutting in the easiest way.

    How to clean photoshop images and photos

  1. Select the first image in the layer list, then select 'Polygonal Lasso Tool' under 'Lasso Tool' in the left toolbox.
  2. Then draw a line slightly diagonally larger than the image so that you can cut it neatly, and create a triangle that contains the image you want to cut by drawing two more lines. If you can not make a clear line and you can not make a selection, press Enter to complete the selection.
  3. Then click 'Rightclick' → 'Layer Via Copy' or press the shortcut key 'Ctrl + J' to copy the layer of the selected area and add it to the list of layers.
  4. Next, click on the eye mark to the left of the original layer before cropping in the layer list to make it invisible and the crop is complete.
  5. Next, add the second image you want to overlap to the list of layers and drag so that the first image is higher in the list than the second layer, and the cropped image is climbed up and overlaid.

    How to Smoothly Overlay Photoshop Images and Photos

  1. Place two images in the Layers list, and select the first image above.
  2. At the bottom of the list of layers, click the Add a Layer Mask icon with a circle inside the square to add a layer mask.
  3. Select 'Gradient tool' under 'Paint Bucket Tool' in the left toolbox.
  4. You can drag the image in any direction to give the effect. We drag diagonally because we want to overlap the image diagonally.
  5. Adjust the intensity of the right attribute to be created or the degree of the gradient by adjusting the feather.

It's annoying at first, but once you know it, it's a very simple technique to create high-quality images and photos. If you have trouble memorizing, save this page and use it.

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