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How to delete malware virus program CacaoEncoder

After installing Cacao Encoder because it is deceived because it is an encoding program, the message 'Encoder program installation instructions' appears when Windows starts. 'This is related to the rights and obligations of the user who uses the software (TUBEDOWN), install this software .. blah blah ..' There is no 'off' button (it's just installed even if you check it), and there's no 'close' button, but there's only a 'OK' button. It is very vicious and inhuman, and it exercises the violence using information imbalance which is one of the worst things people should not do in the information age. This is against the interests of the public, and it can be said that the company should not be confronted with objectively rooted.

To translate those unknown messages and terms into a language that even people who don't know the computer can easily understand You can't be blocked, so sign your slave contract with your own OK and install it. You must agree unconditionally and you have no right to refuse. ' How do you agree with what I said earlier?

It is easy to think of the Daum Pod Encoder series because of the name of Cacao Encoder, which was intentionally created by the company, or to think that it is a credible program of the domestic conglomerate Kakao. It's just a personal interest group. From the name, the big business cacao is 'KaKao' with 'K', and this vicious fraud group is 'Cacao' with 'C'.


There's a lot to say about what's wrong with humanity, philosophically wrong, corporate wrong, legal wrong, and how much damage it's causing, but it's not urgent right now. It is to guard my PC. Follow the instructions below to delete all files related to 'CacaoEncoder' (some files do not need to be deleted as document files, but they are all hard to distinguish and useless). If you do not know, I looked up articles and related posts (Blogger 'EbiCast') to find out as many ways as possible.

    How to remove CacaoEncoder and related malware

  1. First, you have to turn off the forced installation window. Turn on Task Manager by pressing 'Ctrl + Shift + ESC', save the location of 'MatchPOP' in the 'Processes' tab, or the file suspected to be installed via 'Right click → Properties → Location', and then right click → End Task Ends with '.
  2. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\CacaoEncoder' Delete the entire 'CacaoEncoder' folder from the path. There is a program called 'sch.exe' in the folder, which keeps regenerating the virus.
  3. 'C:\windows\ceuueclommom.exe'Delete file. It is a malicious program of 'Cacao' which acts as a malware. Let's remember the name 'ceuueclommom'.
  4. There may be other programs of the same name 'update.exe' Also delete the file. A program that forces an update message to boot up.
  5. Press the Windows key to search for 'Services' in the' Search programs and files' window, or click on Windows 10 'Task Manager (you can turn it on with Ctrl + Shift + ESC) → Services → Open Services at the bottom Open the service window and find all services containing 'cacao encoder', 'cacao' and 'ceuueclommom' and delete them all. If you can not delete it, select "Right click → Properties → General → Startup type → Disable".
  6. Similarly, search for 'task scheduler' in the 'Windows Key → Search programs and files' window, enter 'ceuueclommom', and delete it.
  7. In addition, in the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + ESC) window, find all the 'kakao encoder', 'Cacao' and 'ceuueclommom' that were mentioned before 'Process', 'Startup Program' and 'Details' and delete them all. .
  8. Press 'Windows Key → Search programs and files' window or 'Window key + R' to bring up the Run window and type 'regedit' to open the 'Registry Editor'.
  9. Open 'Cacao' and 'ceuueclommom' in the search window with 'Edit → Find (Ctrl + F)'. Delete it all the way to the end until you can not do 'Edit → Find Next (F3)'. As a precaution, if the folder itself is found as 'Cacao' on the left side of the search, you can delete it while holding the folder. I do not want to delete the hard folder.
  10. Go to 'My PC' via 'Windows key → Search programs and files' instead of a specific drive, and search for 'Cacao' and 'ceuueclommom' in the same way. Depending on your computer's situation, it may take a long time, so make sure to search for it and do something else.

In addition to this, there is a method that is not used now, or a malicious code deletion method that can exist with high probability is as follows.

  • 'C:\Users\K\AppData\Local\Temp' Malicious malware is generated by random random numbers such as '010714c.exe', '006447c.exe', and '026596c.exe'. The solution is to delete all as well.
  • In the 'Add or Remove Programs' or 'Apps and Features' window, delete all files with the word 'MATCHPOP'. Similarly, it's malware installed by that company.
  • If you search the registry with the keyword 'Ceuue' and the registry appears, delete it as well.
  • It is also a good idea to install and use a malware removal program called 'Malwarebytes'. The free version is enough to spot malware. Please note that domestic programs are very good.
  • Here's how to delete 'CacaoEncoder' malware. This process and time spent forcibly planting and erasing malware is a really wicked thing. Perhaps if you were abroad, you would have a huge civil lawsuit.

    If you want a good video converting program (commonly called an encoder, but the converter is correct) 'HandBrake' Use the same open source program.

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