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How to download files that exceed the Google Drive download limit immediately

Someone had uploaded the necessary files to Google Drive, and nowadays they would have downloaded the download with the following message due to exceeding download traffic because it was trying to download it.

현재 이 파일을 보거나 다운로드할 수 없습니다...
You can not view or download this file at this time...

Because Google Drive is basically a free cloud system, we've set up a day's worth of traffic that can be downloaded per file to prevent abuse and excessive traffic. It's not illegal, and the legitimate way that Google Drive allows You can download all exceeded files safely, neatly and quickly.

Note that to use this method, you need to have a Google ID, because you need to move it to my Google Drive.

    How to download files exceeding Google Drive traffic

  1. First, on the right side of the download icon on the top right of the Google Drive download page, there is a Google Drive icon and a picture with a '+' sign, which means that the file will be added to my Google Drive.
  2. If you wait for a while, the folder will be changed and the addition will be completed. Click on it and go to 'My Drive'.
  3. Then I will have the file in my Google Drive folder, but I can not download it because it is still linked. Right click on the file and use 'Make a copy'.
  4. Similarly, if you wait for a while, a file called 'Copy of (file name)' will be created and you can freely download this file.
  5. Files with extensions 'png, egg, mp4' Can not be used because of the name changed to 'COPY'. You have to change the name before downloading, or change the name after downloading.

As mentioned earlier, this is not a violation of the terms of Google Drive, but it is a legitimate way to do it, so save this page and download it whenever you have a problem with your Google Drive.

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