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How to fix the error that you can not get the title of the preview card when adding a link to Google Plus posts

When you share a post with Google Plus, when you use the 'Add Link' feature or enter the URL of a post, the link will automatically link to the thumbnail, title, and address of that link, Views and links are created.

Sometimes, however, thumbnail images are applied properly,'H1'I can not read the title on it. In this case, both official help and forum'meta'It is said to happen if you do not define the tag correctly,metaIt is also correct to insert thumbnails and titles correctly when you insert a link in Google Plus by setting a tag.

GKKmon, however,metaI have never specified a tag, but at first I took the thumbnails and titles correctly from Google Plus, and at some point I took the thumbnails properly and did not take the title of the post,GKKmonWhich is the most common problem.

Because ofmetaI've tried all of the methods that apply to Google Plus correctly from the basic principles of tags, but I did not fix them, and when I overturned all the features, I found out why'Yoast SEO'It was a problem with the plugin.

    I'm in a hurry, so let me know how to fix it.

First of all,'Yoast SEO'When you install the plugin, you'SEO' > 'Search Appearance' > 'General' > 'Person (Your name:)'This is because of the username you wrote down in the menu (and when you go through the tutorial after installing the plugin), delete the name here,'Save changes'Press the button to fix the error phenomenon.

    The reason for the problem

If you enter a link to Google Plus, you will get the title (usually the content of the H1 tag) from the web page of the URL according to the algorithm you set up in Google Plus. In this process, the theme, default settings, If you already have the information and write down 'Yoast SEO' 'Person', you will get an error that Google Plus recognizes that the title of the web page is two.

And all web pages basically have the property that later command overwrites the previous command, and because the content set in 'Yoast SEO' is overwritten after the title of the site that is generated first, Weird content like the title of the site (the name we set in 'Yoast SEO') is extracted as the title of the Google Plus preview card.

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