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How to remove specific noise simply with Audacity

Using Audacity's free sound editor software, noise cancellation, noise cancellation, and noise cancellation can be done very simply and reliably, while preserving the original sound quality to the maximum.

    Download and install Audacity

firstAudacity Official Download PageDownload Oda City and install it.

Windows user-based links'Audacity for Windows' > 'Audacidy 2.3.0 installer' > 'Audacity Windows Installer'You can download and install it. It will be installed in English at installation time, but you do not need to worry about it because it can be used as Hangul interface.

    Audacity to remove noise

Once you have completed the installation, run Odandy and then simply do the noise removal in the following order.

Import the sound source file to remove the noise through 'File (F)'> 'Import (I)'> 'Audio (A)', or drag the sound source file into Oda City by dragging.

Then the music will be recalled on the TV with the waveform of the sound source that was visible when the musician was working. Press the green play button at the top or press the spacebar to play the sound source and find the noise-generating section.

Usually there is a straight line with no waveforms, or a noise that is supposed to stick to the smallest part. Just drag the section where this noise occurs.

(C) 'Noise Reduction' (Noise Reduction) or 'Noise Reduction''Noise Reduction'Click.

The Noise Reduction window with step 1 and step 2 will open. Select only the noise for a few seconds so you can see what you want to filter out in Step 1, then press Get Noise Profile: (G) '.

In this way, the Oda City program recognizes the previously dragged portion as noise. This allows you to set the noise directly, so you can get rid of the noise exactly, and you can get rid of the noise while keeping the original sound quality clean.

If you click Get Noise Profile, the window is turned off and the noise is recognized. No sound or notification window appears but it is finished.

now'Ctrl + A'(C) "> Noise Reduction (Noise Reduction)" or "Noise Reduction"'Noise Reduction'And then set the Noise Reduction, Sensitivity, and Frequency Smoothing in Step 2. (For those who are not sure, the larger the number here, the more surely the noise will be removed and the original sound quality will be destroyed. If you press the 'OK' button, the noise of all the sources will be removed.

The honey tip uses this function to import multiple sound sources through 'File (F)'> 'Import (I)'> 'Audio (A)', remove noise from all sound sources, '>' Export (E) '>' Multiple export (M) 'through one operation can remove all the noise from multiple sound files can be saved at once.

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