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How to manage and write WordPress series articles through the plugin

What is a series? OneSignal series I Polylang series It is small enough to be categorized, but it is a collection of similar contents or tutorials, or series of literary series.

If it's a tutorial, it's easy for an intuitive understanding of the flow, allowing the user to navigate as easily as the table of contents right after viewing tutorial one. Also, serials or similar content may increase the likelihood of users seeing immediately after consuming their content (I recommend putting them twice at the top and bottom of the text).

Usually, each posting uses a direct link attachment method, which is incredibly tedious and inefficient. For example, if you write one and then write two, and put two or one links in two, you'll have to go back to the first one and put the second two links. As the number increases, all the parts in front must be revised again. This is annoying, and when you create a new one, you will lose efficiency and systematization. And if you post in multiple languages like GKKmon, that complex workload will double that much.

Therefore, it is better to manage and manage series management through plugin efficiently. So what plug-ins are you using is the key, and when choosing a series plug-in, never look at the brilliant features! A series is a relatively long-term project, and it uses plug-in configuration for many years, because it's so diverse that it can cause frequent errors or cause developers to stop updating.

So, the most important thing when choosing a series plug-in is stability. The function only needs a very basic function for the series.

  • Ability to bundle articles into series and create pages and URLs for the series
  • Easier to manage and add to posts in the series later
  • How to express a bundled series in posting (ex short code)
  • These three features are all great series plug-ins, and all the essential features are there. In addition, it is easy to have a short code that can call up a specific series you want. If you have more than this, it can be a disadvantage for series plugins. The simpler the function, the less error and easier to manage, and the longer the 'stability' is, the easier it is for developers to stop updating and find the plug-in to replace or to code directly.

    So I found the series plugin 'Series' (I can feel the simplicity from the plugin name). It is a neat plug-in that has all the features mentioned above and no more. On the plugin add page, it says that there is little or no recent update, because it says that the developer will only update if there is something that can be changed by the developer, The plug-in has been updated). In other words, I do not do useless updates.


      SeriesInstalling and using the plug-in

  • Activate after installing through WordPress Admin Page → Plugins → Add New → Search for Series → Install → Activate.
  • Then, the 'tab → Series' menu is created on the administrator tab, and all the management can be done hereafter. Management can create a series by entering three names, slugs, and explanations, and use the name of the series as the tag in the posting. Direct use Polylang plugin It works well compatible with.
  • Now, if you have created a series, you can go to the post and enter the series name you specified in the new 'Series' tab on the right menu to configure the post to correspond to that series. To add a series, you can add it with a comma, or you can create a series name automatically without creating it in the series tab.
  • Now that you have all the settings, you can use the following short code where you want to express posts or series.

  • - Displays a list of series containing the article.
    - Loads a list of specific series. Enter the series name in 'Series Name'.
    - Shot code not used since version 2.0.0, may be used. I do not want to use it because the developer says not to use it, but if you do, you will see the link to the entire article in that series.

    If you have done all of this and put a short code in the posting, you can create a new posting in the series later, but in real time you will see the series updated continuously with the short code in the previous part. It's really convenient!

    Again, series plug-ins are reliable because they are the most important to use for a long time, and I hope that this article will help you to concentrate on writing series in a more pleasant and systematic way in the future.

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