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How to recognize two keyboards on a single PC

There are programs that can recognize two or more keyboards as different buttons on one PC. In general, if you say multi-keyboard, you need to purchase only the keypad part of the notebook separately and install it with USB, or buy a Macro keyboard, which is very expensive in terms of its features, without any waste of money. It means that you can use more hotkeys with much higher performance.

Using these two or more keyboards as macro keyboards has many advantages and uses, and is usually used as a shortcut key in a complex aerial simulation game system. (If you play with a keyboard like a friend, ). In the case of GKKmon AutoHotkey And are seeing tremendous efficiencies and benefits in practice and other computer work. It is convenient, efficient, and saves time by registering utilities such as frequently used programs, frequently used folders, notepad, etc. with setting on main keyboard. It is even easier to memorize hotkeys by setting the time-related program on the 'T' button, since it is even an ordinary keyboard.

    'HID Macros'Download & Install

The name of this great software is'HID macros'All. The functionality is huge, even open source, free programs HID Macro Official Download Page You can easily download it from. The program we need to get is not 'LuaMacros' at the top, but you can get the file by clicking the version in the 'HidMacros Download archive' listed below. The current version 'version 2.3' is the latest.

If you download 'HidMacros', it will be in the form of a shell. After unzipping it, run 'HIDMacros.exe' to install it.

    'HID Macros'How to use

It is very intuitive for users who have used macro or macro programs frequently, but if not, it may be a little difficult.

First of all, the 'Hid Macros' feature we need to know in order to recognize the new keyboard and specify the key differently is the 'Devices' tab, which identifies the currently connected input device. The 'Macros' tab that actually enters the key and connects it to another key, hotkey, or program run. You only need to know the three Save configuration buttons to save these changes.

First, go to the 'Devices' tab to see what input devices are currently connected to your computer. Normally, if you have two keyboards, you would have recognized two keyboards and a mouse with 'Keyb1', 'Keyb2', and 'Mouse1', and this is the normal situation where you can use the program. Here, 'System ID' allows different keyboards to be recognized as different keys.

The next is the 'Macros' tab, which is responsible for the actual function. To register a hotkey on this tab:

  • Press the 'New' button to register a new macro (you can delete it later by pressing 'Delete'). Then a macro called 'New Macro' will be created, rename it in 'Name:' part. It is easy to manage by typing the key to be used normally on the keyboard. If you use 'F1' as a hotkey, you can change 'Name' to 'F1'.
  • Then click the 'Scan' button next to 'Trigger:' and you will see a window called 'Press a key or perform mouse event'. For example, to register 'F1' on the second keyboard, press the 'F1' key on the second keyboard. When the key is pressed, the key value of 'Keyb2', which is the key value of the keyboard, is input, and the key value is registered next to the key value.
  • Finally, you set what you want to do with this hotkey. The default 'send keyboard sequence' is the simplest function, which only changes to a different key. It can be used by inputting several keys or characters. The most useful function here is the 'run application' function. If you register the program to be connected with the key by pressing the '...' button next to this function, the corresponding key ('F1' button in the case of example) If you press this, the linked program will be executed. Just like us, this menu AutoHotkey You can work with multiple macros with one key by linking files. Do not forget to check the round checkbox next to the name when you are done.
  • That's all it takes to use a new keyboard as a hotkey with 'HID macros'. You can also create macros in the program itself, but I use AutoHotkeys in conjunction with AutoHotkeys because they are more familiar and can take advantage of many things.

      'HID Macros'Settings for normal use

    Sometimes it's okay to use this software only when using special games or features, but there are some inconveniences to registering new hotkeys like GKKmon and always using them in everyday computer work. First, when you close the program, it does not move to the tray. I wanted to be able to find the function, but it seems to be outdated software itself. And there is no auto-run on Windows startup.

    These two features AutoHotkey Can be solved easily.

    First, let's create an Auto Hotkey file. Then use 'run' to open 'HID Macros', wait for 'winwait' to open the program, and then hide the program with 'winhide' (later using 'winshow' to see it again). The code is shown below.

    run,프로그램의 경로(The path of the program)\HIDMacros.exe
    winwait,ahk_exe HIDMacros.exe
    winhide,ahk_exe HIDMacros.exe
    winhide,HID macros for FS

    Then, let's register the auto hotkey file created in this way in the Windows startup program. Based on Windows 10'C:\Users\사용자명(User name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup'Go to the folder, press the Windows key to open the 'Program and File Search' window or the 'Windows + R' button to launch the executable window'shell:startup'The Startup folder opens. You can put the Auto Hotkey or Auto Hotkey shortcut here.

    Now when you start Windows, 'HID Macros' will run and be hidden automatically so you can always use your new keyboard as a hotkey. It is very convenient to hide and show 'winhide' and 'winshow' functions as auto hotkey.

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