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How to register a ZUM site and why

'ZUM' is Nate off, and Nate is sharing the next search engine, so if it's registered only for the next time, it's automatically exposed to ZUM (the error seems pretty good, but the definition is anyway).

Nevertheless, the reason why you need to register a site separately in 'ZUM' is that as you can see in the image below, as soon as you search in 'ZUM', it is exposed to the 'site' list at the top.

개굴몬 왕개굴몬 뭐냐고; 당황스럽네

So it's essential in terms of functionality, and it has the advantage of being more than just SEO or traffic. But because it feels official, it can be said that the kanji is a good kanji (?) But it's so simple, so let's register quickly.

    ZUM Search Registration Order

  1. priority ZUM site search registration pageGo to.
  2. Select 'New' on the blue button in the middle menu.
  3. Fill out the required information. You may only fill in the areas marked with a red star. Here is an example:


    Site name-GKKmon

    Site introduction-Compression Useful tip, GKKmon

    Reason for registration(300 words or less)-The site is registered with the ZUM search engine to provide a better user experience.

  5. If you need to attach a file, etc.
  6. After agreeing to the collection and use of personal information, press the blue 'Apply' button at the bottom.

Gmail can be sent to Spam. Security King God Gmail too. Now just wait until the registration is complete. Registration a


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