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How to send onesignal manual message & useful tip

If you proceeded with the series Source signal main screenCheck out your profile at, and click on it to enter your dashboard for more detailed management.

First of all, the most important information you can find on this page is SUBSCRIBED USERS. This is the actual subscriber count 'TOTAL USERS' is the total number of users who subscribed or canceled. Now that's all you need to know, let's click on your profile to enter the dashboard.

For reference, the function of source signal is divided according to free / paid user. Raw signal plan pageDetails can be found at


    Source signal features

The interface has changed a bit since the original signal dashboard has been updated recently.

  • Dashboard Dashboard
  • It is a dashboard, you can check the number of subscribers, active users, etc. This is useful when actually analyzing because you can see how many push messages were clicked.

  • Messages messages
  • You can send a message right here. Go to the 'Messages → Messages' tab and press the 'NEW PUSH' button on the top left to send a manual message to users. It's complicated before, but it's a lot simpler, and there's a tutorial at the beginning that's pretty easy. Still, it's easier to divide and explain.

    1. Audience to
    2. You can choose who to receive the message, Send to Subscribed Users can be sent to all subscribers, and Send to Particular Segment (s) can be sent only to users assigned to a specific segment. You can split or set up segments by clicking, so you can sort people.

    3. Message Message Content
    4. This is to send a message, you can choose a language, but not just Hangul. While writing down the contents, the 'TEST' screen on the right shows a preview of how it will be sent to users in real time.

      Put the subject of the push message in 'TITLE'. (ex post title) Write message contents in 'MESSAGE'. (Ex postings summary) You can set the image to attach to the 'IMAGE', if left blank Source signal settingProfile picture set by is automatically selected. Enter the URL to go to when you click on the 'LAUNCH URL' message. Likewise, if left blank it will take you to the homepage set up in Settings. If you want to go to the posting address, just enter the posting address.

    5. Schedule Schedule
    6. This feature allows you to issue scheduled, specific options. If you select 'Begin sending immediately', the default status in the 'DELIVERY' menu, the message will be sent immediately and you can set the message scheduling time with 'Begin sending at a particular time'. The menu of 'PER-USER OPTIMIZATION' is a function to send in a time zone optimized for each user.

    7. CONFIRM
    8. When all the entries have been made, press the 'CONFIRM' button to send a message. After sending, you can move to the monitoring screen, where you can check and analyze detailed information such as who opened it.

    Other message features include 'A / B Tests', which are used to determine which method is more effective by sending different messages to any two groups, 'Templates', which can pre-set message templates, and which can automatically send messages. There is an 'Automated' function.

    Usually, AB test or automatic message function is a part that is often used when used as a marketing factor in a company or a shopping mall.

  • Audience user
  • You can check the details of users such as active users or subscribers. 'Segments' can be separated or 'All Users' and 'Test Users' can be managed separately.

  • Delivery Message Delivery Status
  • You can literally check all the 'Delivery' status, the best analysis tool to see in real detail, such as the message and content that has been sent so far, how many people have opened, and how many have gone. Three tabs are available: Sent Messages Sent, Scheduled Messages Scheduled Messages, and Outcomes Results.

  • Settings settings
  • You can change or add the settings you set when you first created your profile. From here, you can set Web Push Platforms to Apple Safari to send web pushes to your Safari browser (Mac only). Other settings only need to be used by specific users.

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