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League of Legends Why do we have a surrogate game culture, interesting things and fatal problems

League (League of Legends) has become a national game of the Republic of Korea and the whole world, it is almost 10 years now. If you do not know the roll, it's a spy, and on the airwaves, there's a roll-drip, a roll-cup is much more popular than a World Cup, and a semi-joke, I feel like it, but it is still the best game I have ever played.

Because of this tremendous amount of empowerment, there is a culture called 'surrogacy' which is unusual in the game of role, and 'surrogate' wants to raise the tier so much that the surrogate And let the game play instead of raising the rank. It is not surrogate driving, and now the game which the person wants to enjoy is a substitute game too! It would be a surprise to hear those who do not know the game, but as I said before, the influencer of this game is so large that the young generation has a public awareness, I can see that the desire to go up to the top is a manifestation.

If you do not have the ability to do so for people who do not really understand it, but if you compare this situation with your surrogate, you just have to roll it safely anyway. Whether you buy an expensive car over your ability to look good to others, You only have to do all you can, but it is like those who buy more expensive luxury bags than you can. Because every person has different value judgments, he can think that he lives for something that is not really important for him, but it can be a great value for him. If you excuse that physical value is different, it is also a narrow idea, because for others, your car or luxury bag may seem pathetic and worthless.

    Fatal Problems of Surrogate Rank Phenomenon

However, there is a fatal flaw in this surrogate ranking method. The first one is that the surrogate rank is raised. It's not like I can afford it, but if you buy an expensive car, it's hard to pay for maintenance. In order to prevent this, if a proxy raises the rank, the player may not be able to smile at the normal game (the tile of the roll is influenced only by the rank game) without rotating the rank game at all, If you do not play, you will not be able to solve it completely because of the system that throws down.

The next thing is to leave the account, so there is a chance that damage from account theft will occur. Of course, now that the rune system has changed, it was a thing of the past, but the old rolls could buy the runes from the store and mount them to show off their abilities in the game, but the resource 'IP' (One version of the roll has an average of 30 to 60 minutes of playtime, and can get about 20 to 200 IPs per sheet.) It is difficult to obtain, and the purchase price is high, so it was really hard and nogada. This was because the system was called 'Lune Synthesis' in the game and it was also illegal in terms of the terms of the riot games, so 'Lune' There were also broadcasters (but honestly they were jamming).

Of course, it is no longer safe to steal accounts because you can no longer do 'lengal'. Once the theft and the proxy are revealed due to the obvious evidence, it is reasonable to suspend the account due to the breach of the agreement. If it is not so, the game will be sanctioned with a lot of abuse in the game, It is because there are ways to give various disadvantages such as to make it defamation of honor. Also, users who are insensitive to this security issue can also be a problem because they are likely to be a pattern similar to their identity and password elsewhere.

However, the most important problem in realizing this is that when you play the game with your friends, you become a high ranked player. If you do not mind the same thing, it's a good idea to change the credibility and attitude of a high-ranking user (and that's why the word "Gimonti" Silver, and gold tier), even if I made a reasonable sound logical, I mean, "I will accept opinions if I am more than a diamond or a higher tier than me.") It is because of the tea.

If you are proud of being ranked as a substitute, you can have a huge amount of smile, shame, enchantment and additional disadvantage enough to be a Bossil goal. Of course, there is a group that thinks that it is not a surprise to raise a tier with this substitute rank, but if, as said before, there is public awareness that the rank of the role is the same as the sequence system in reality, It is possible to receive the attention of the president, the chaplain, or the fraudsters who become dying, and there is a possibility of extreme bullying.


I tried to talk lightly about the roll in a long time, but it was a little too long to talk to the roll. The funny essay on Roles is good, but I'll reveal some crazy honey tips that will surely raise your rank later, as it will tell you the negative side of the substitute game.

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