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Web Hosting Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate availability not available tidy up

In web hosting servers, Let's encrypt's free SSL security certificate is not available, and if possible, what you need to do is write your own because there is no written explanation siweonhi what the reason is.  

    Free SSL is not available on the vias, that's why

In Gabia web hosting, Let's encrypt's free SSL security certificate (in fact) is not available. The reason is because of the principle of SSL security certificate (for example, if you log in and write the password 1234, you can change the signal to a password in A5 # @ ^ 2gf to send and receive the server and the security principle of SSL is to protect information from hackers who steal packets in the interim, and you must install SSL on the ' server ' in order to use this feature. and to install SSL on the server, leave a technical problem and root privileges (run as Administrator in Windows). is needed. However, there are some characteristics of web hosting that multiple users share one server. The owner of the server is hosting company (domestic Gabia, Cafe 24 cafe24, whois, whois, and so on), and the user is a renter to pay for the place, so the root authority is not usually given. For this reason, you cannot install SSL yourself. If you still want to install or don't find an efficient way, you need to know if your web hosting company gives you the certificate information to install, and if so, whether it's free or paid.  

    Installation availability and solutions according to the hosting company's proxy installation method

1. Where you do not install the certificates that you are selling: Let's encrypt free SSL is not installable unless you give the vendor a free certificate (most of them have a foreign hosting company). If you have your own free SSL support, you should use that feature, if not, and use it as you would if you were not expensive. 2. Certificate installation is done, but paid: Typically, the gabia is this way, the key and CRT, such as the certificate information is installed, but the installation cost is 33,000 yen tax-included, there is no sense to use free SSL. In addition, let's encrypt-free SSL must be renewed every 90 days, but without root privileges, it is not possible to automatically renew using the Certbot function, so it should be given and installed 33,000 won every 90 days. In one year, 132,000 is a way to not have a good cause, not a fool. If you would rather use SSL from a paid installation service provider such as Vias, I bought the cheapest certificate from overseas site as long as possible, then (the cheapest Comodo Positive SSL is six dollars in two years, that is, about the sixth round, about three thousand yuan a year) is the most efficient way to apply for installation. If you have a lot of cumbersome, you may be using expensive certificates that are sold directly by the vendor. 3. Certificate Installation and Free: In this case, you can use Let's encrypt SSL security certificate for free even if you are using web hosting. When you receive a certificate, you may also be issued a ' Zerossl ' said on the web, and after you have issued it, provide the certificate information to the appropriate vendor and request installation.(Of course over 90 days) If you are already using the hosting and do not intend to change it, please make sure you have the best judgment in the example above. If you have not yet decided on a hosting company, please make a note of the details and decide. Typically, foreign hosting companies have a server in a foreign country (in fact, there is no difference in the speed of the server in Japan or China), but it is better than the domestic companies in all ways.  


-To use Let's encrypt's free SSL security certificate from web hosting, the key is whether to install a certificate surrogate.

  • Do not you?: not possible
  • Fee: Virtually impossible
  • Free of charge: Available

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    -If you are still choosing a business, recommend a foreign hosting company. The awake only supports free certificates and does not require a certificate price or installation fee. So even if you are using it, consider moving your hosting company. -In Gabia, the use of web hosting service is virtually impossible to use free SSL. -a surrogate installation, such as the stevia is done, but it is most efficient to obtain and install an inexpensive, long-term certificate from a foreign site. -To install Let's Encrypt SSL security certificate directly on a Linux server, you need to use a communication method called SSH, and you can use software such as putty. They only explain what commands are used to install them, and it's great to not let anyone explain what to do with the command.

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