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After installing Analytics, be sure to exclude your internal IP address.

Analytics is an overwhelming performance tool for viewing blogs, sites, and other statistics. That's why many people are using analytics, and the first thing you need to do after installing that analytics is to exclude the internal IP addresses.

It is intended to be a more accurate statistic with analytics, with the exception of IP addresses that are used directly by you or your team.

The usage is detailed when you search for ' Exclude internal traffic ' by clicking on the Help '? ' on the top right of the analytics. The staff were very helpful and helpful.

    How to exclude analytics internal IP (excluding internal traffic)

  • First, check your "IP address" (My IP Address confirmation page-Gkkmon)
  • Go to the "Manage (gear)" page in the bottom left of analytics.
  • If you want to filter on the ' (funnel) All filters ' menu at the bottom of the ' Accounts ' tab, or only on a specific website, click on the ' (funnel) filter ' menus in the appropriate website tab.
  • Click the red + Add Filter button to start the setup.
  • -Filter Name: This is the filter to distinguish yourself. It's not so much a deficit.

    -Filter Type: Use ' predefined ' as is without changing the default setting.

    -Select filter Type: Select the ' Exclude ' menu. (To use any regular expression pattern, you can select a filter and enter a pattern by selecting the ' Fit ' menu.)

    -Select a source or destination: Select the "traffic from this IP address" menu. When selected, an IP address field will be provided at the bottom, where you can enter your IP address, which is confirmed by my IP address-gkkmon.

    -Select expression: Generally, if you want to filter a single IP, select the ' Match ' menu. If you want to exclude the subnet of the IP address, select the [1] ' Start value ' menu and write the IP address up to the third address only [2]. This will filter out all IP addresses between and 255. I usually recommend this method because it does not change the IP address well, but it does not change at all, such as rebooting the modem or router, or changing the connection to a communication failure.

    -Apply a filter to the view: Add the site you want to filter. You can move your site data to the right by pressing the ' Add ' button on the left.

    After all these settings have been completed and the ' Save ' button is pressed, the IP will be blocked in the future to prevent analytics analysis.

    If you're in the early stages of creating a site or blog, this is essential because it generates a lot of traffic while making changes. Of course, even if it is not the initial step, it is necessary to use the required functions to make more accurate statistics, so that you can set the description.

    [1] For example, if the IP address is (return), say that the is excluded from any number in section 222 (back), write only the 111.111.111.

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