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Premiere Pro How to use bilingual Korean and English simultaneously

Adobe Premiere Pro encourages people to use the English version as a prerequisite because of collaboration and communication with others, program proficiency, bugs in programs, and so on. However, there are some cases where the actual tutorials are written in Korean, and people are familiar with Korean rather than English, so it is a good thing to know that it is a good part.

However, it is this 'Bilingual' function which is a function that meets some degree, even though it is not perfect. It is also attractive that you can use Premiere Pro's own functions in a very simple and quick way. It is also attractive that most of the menus and functions are displayed in both Korean and English languages. Therefore, it is easy to learn the functions which are familiar with Hangul in English, and conversely, it is good to recognize the menus in the tutorial in English.


    How to set up 'Premiere Pro' 'Language Bilingual'

  1. First of all, you can not use Premiere Pro directly, but you have to edit something. If you have not done the editing, or if you do not, 'File → New → Project' to create something new moderately.
  2. When the project is open, press the 'Ctrl + F12' button to open the 'Console' window.
  3. At the top left of the section labeled 'Console' there is a three line hamburger button, click on it and check 'Debug Database View'.
  4. Then you will find various databases and search boxes at the bottom. Search for 'Application' in this search box.
  5. Then you will usually have two options: 'AppleicationLanguage' and 'ApplicationLanguageBilingual'. Enter 'AppleicationLanguage' as 'ko_KR' and click 'ApplicationLanguageBilingual' checkbox to change 'false' to 'true'.
  6. If you press 'X button' to exit the console window and restart Premiere Pro, all menus will now be displayed in 'Hangul (English)' style.

As mentioned earlier, Adobe Premiere Pro is recommended for use with the English version, but for many reasons it is a very useful mode for learning both Korean and English at the same time.

The disadvantage is that it can be very rarely buggy due to the language setting, and all the menus are quite long and complicated, which can make it seem less intuitive and complicated. Also, some menus are too long to be named. Still, it's useful enough to overcome all these shortcomings, so let's try it.

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