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Private domain Tistory Naver Webmaster registration (RSS, Sitemap)

There are many posts that register the Tstory Blog with Naver Webmasters, 'Personal Domain Tistory Tutorial' In the series Blogs you've linked through Tistory's 'Personal Domain Settings' to domains purchased through AWS Route53Focus on the story. Naturally, Naver ID should be the default.


    Personal Domain Tistory Blog Linked to NAVER Webmaster

  1. Naver Webmaster ToolsLog in and log in.
  2. Enter '' in the 'Add Site' field and press the 'Add' button. It is recommended that Naver webmasters register both 'https' and 'http', but it does not matter if they register only one 'https'.
  3. You need to verify that you own the site. You can't upload Tistory's HTML files to the root folder, so choose the HTML tag to authenticate. 'Add site without ownership confirmation' can make the site or blog searched in Naver, but it must be authenticated since it cannot be managed later.
  4. If you choose the 'HTML tag' method, you will be given a meta tag that starts with 'meta name'.
  5. Search for the Story Manager screen → Edit Skin → Edit HTML → '/ head' and paste the copied code into the top line and press the 'Apply' button to complete.
  6. When you return to Naver webmaster again, enter the protection character at the bottom and press the 'OK' button to complete the confirmation with the 'owner verification complete' popup window.

If you proceed to this point, the blog itself is completed. If you wait for a while, the search will be reflected automatically. To optimize the search, let's proceed to the necessary settings after registering with the webmaster.

    Mandatory setting after Naver Webmaster site registration

  1. NAVER Webmaster Linked Site ListClick on the site you just registered at to access Webmaster Tools.
  2. There are a number of menus that you'll find yourself slowly, and the only thing you need to do is submit your RSS and sitemaps in the Requests menu.
  3. Go to 'Request → Submit RSS', enter '' and click 'OK' to complete the submission. Just add '/ rss' after the domain name and that's the 'RSS address'.
  4. In "Request → Submit Sitemap" 'The essence of creating a story site map' Enter the site map address created in the section and click the 'OK' button to complete the submission.

In the case of Tistory, it's a bit inconvenient to create 'The essence of creating a story site map'The details are explained in, so you can proceed as is. However, in case of Naver, there is a story that submitting 'Sitemap' is not reflected in 'Blog' tab when searching.

Of course, from my personal experience, I don't necessarily expose the site tab to the blog tab because I don't register the site map. ). Since Naver itself has low reliability in the beginning, no matter how much you use the dragon, it will be applied to your liking in the end.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to register both 'https' and 'http' addresses, you just need to change the address.


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