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Responsive adsense Maximum horizontal width: 100% How to set the largest

This time, I'm going to give you a lot of information and tips on how to get started with AdSense responsive ads, and how you can find solutions to Gkkmon.

The first thing we needed was information about responsive AdSense. We wanted to make one ad fit neatly in the horizontal size of the screen to avoid the catch. This is the code that reinvents the failure of this same

    Code codes

. custom_ad_1 {height: 280px; width: 100%}
 @media (max-width: 768px) {. custom_ad_1 {height: 250px; width: 100%}}

<script async="" src="//"></script>
<!-- 반응형 광고 가로 꽉 차게 커스텀 -->
<ins class="adsbygoogle custom_ad_1" class="adsbygoogle custom_ad_1"></ins class="adsbygoogle custom_ad_1">
     style = "Display: Inline-block"
     Data-ad-client = "Ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
     Data-ad-slot = "xxxxxxxxxxx" >
(Adsbygoogle = Window.adsbygoogle | | []);

    The red part of your ad code

In the red line, AdSense > My ad > A new ad unit, the data-ad-client = "ca-pub-number" and Data-ad-slot = "number" of the generated code after selecting the ad size as a responsive.

<script async="" src="//"></script>
<!-- 반응형 광고 -->
<ins class="adsbygoogle" class="adsbygoogle"></ins class="adsbygoogle">
     style = "Display: Block"
     Data-ad-client = "Ca-pub-This Part"
     Data-ad-slot = "This Part"
     Data-ad-format = "Auto"
     Data-full-width-responsive = "true" >
(Adsbygoogle = Window.adsbygoogle | | []);

    Any class name in blue Yen

The blue section should be the same as the number of random class names you want. If you want to add ads in the same way, the name of the class you used previously should be different. Once you've made these two changes, paste them as they are, and you'll be able to instantly use the maximum horizontal responsive adsense ad. If the top of the text is 800px the width of the text on the desktop, 800px is the ad, and if 300px on mobile, 300px ads will appear.

    Set height per screen

I wanted to load the height as well as the optimized size, but unfortunately it is impossible to implement at this time. Because of the height, I have to use a fixed size. In the above code, the desktop has a height: 280px 280px High, 800x280 ads, and a mobile screen with 768 or less @ media (max-width: 768px), the height: 250px 300 x 250 ads.

In other words,. custom_ad_1 {height: 280px; width: 100%} is the size to be viewed on the original ad size, PC, and Desktop @media (max-width: 768px) {. custom_ad_1 {height: 250px; width: 100%}} This is to set the size to be seen on mobile with less than the width 768px.

You can customize the width of the mobile, or the other settings in any horizontal size, as desired. @media (max-width: 768px) is meant to be applied under 768px and @media (min-width: 768px) is meant to be applied in more than one 768px. It can be used in succession as follows.

. custom_ad_1 {height: 280px; width: 100%}
@media (max-width: 1200px) {. custom_ad_1 {height: 260px; width: 100%}}
@media (max-width: 768px) {. custom_ad_1 {height: 250px; width: 100%}}

As above, the height of the line 260px to the size of the 250px, 768px ~ 1200px to the mobile 768px or less, 1200px or more is expressed as the height of the line 280px.

The code has been described in detail so that users can understand the outsider, so do not be too difficult, you have to customize your taste. If you want to hide the ad at a certain size, set it as mentioned above, then clear its width and height and enter display: none

. custom_ad_1 {display: none}

The previously listed methods are recommended for editing responsive ad code, so you don't have to worry about the changes in the AdSense terms and policies.

    Additional Features

And if you use data-full-width-responsive = "true" during the add-on, you can override the width of the parent element on your mobile device, and set it to be up to the horizontal size, but please note that this feature does not eat the height set above. Data-full-width-responsive = "False" is set to avoid ignoring the entire width.

How to use tag parameters in AdSense official help, ignoring the parent element and using the full width is said to be advantageous in terms of potential revenue. Suddenly, you break the frame, and you can see how it is obvious, in some cases, this is classified as an advertisement, there is a better situation, and sometimes harms the aesthetics. If you do not want to focus on readability and do the appearance of false, if you want CTR and revenue rather than aesthetics or readability, you can use True, but you personally think that the inside of the content is false naturally, and true at the beginning and end of content like the top or bottom.

    So what is the most efficient and high a few px?

At this point, the setting and harmony with the site is almost finished. The last thing to do is to set the height to a few px, which is an efficient match, as you experiment with the height of the "horizontal banner" in the AdSense ad size, the higher the display ad percentage, the less often there are no ads available.

There is a clear fact that teseuteuhaebon users know that AdSense is running properly unlike the "text and display ads" in most situations, the "Display ads" are superior in terms of clicks, advertising costs, and revenue, as opposed to the fact that AdSense is officially speaking.

Since not all advertisers provide adequate and quality images, it is an official position for more advertisers to be able to compete when exposing ads that contain text, which means that they are priced higher, so it's not really a test at all. Even the most content is text, and even more specialized in text ads, "Display ads" are more profitable.

Because the height of the horizontal banner set by default in AdSense, rather than setting the large height unconditionally, the setting of 250px, 100px, 90px, 60px, 50px exposes more display ads, which can lead to increased revenue.

As for the Gkkmon, the image quality of Heidern saw advertising is good when I set it to 250px and 280px, I chose the height of the 250px because I came out with text, like a display ad at first glance, but not too bad, even if the old cheap Tina is not advertising. Users can adjust the size in consideration of their tastes, the nature of the site or blog, the yield, and find the best size for their site.

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