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Sexy exposure is a fashion, for a good body of people

Sexy exposure is fashion! For good body people. It is a topic that I had thought about before, and it is fun to write now, and there is a lot to talk about.

If you roam outside in the hot summer or warm spring weather, you often feel that the girls are dressed well, most of whom are dressed well. Of course, the woman is more interested in the external part, and it is the biggest investment and effort, but considering it, men have a lot of fashion terrorists, which, except for a few people in their hands, are not at the mediocre level. In contrast, women are the ones who say they are fashion terrorists.

Gkkmon, I think the effect of "exposure" is the greatest, except for that reason, the more interested and invested in the aforementioned. To explain this, I have to explain about fashion and human instinct once, and in the first place, fashion is a culture that is born by Uehara, a shelter that is essential for living, not for "living", but as an identity and personality that represents himself.

It is a very important thing for a human being to have a sexual breeding (繁体 植田駅, sexual propagation). In the past, if you looked at your opponent's appearance and body, and considered genetic superiority in your breeding activities, you would be able to express yourself in a modern day that is essential to clothing. The key, however, is that "to be genetically superior," is important, and it is not the "lord" that Anhneunyaneun wear clothing. In other words, if the clothes are better dressed, and the exposure is better, exposure is more favorable to survival and breeding.

    The difference between men and women makes exposure fashion.

So the difference between men and women is noticeable, and the detailed principle is too long and simple to explain. On the basis of people with ordinary physical structures that are not unusually good, without any exercise or self-control, the more attractive The man is, the more attractive the woman will have to attract exposure.

The reason is that the reproductive system and the social culture are all related, women are better and handsome man, even better, men are good and pretty girl is right. But there is a very low risk in the breeding act, the man who has designed from the very beginning to spread the genes to the most opposite sex as much as possible, even if you do not have a good or pretty, you can only meet the very minimum conditions to be able to conceive and feel attracted. Because the objective is not much of an elitist part, just a "woman's body" at all cannibalize even (even a bit less than the average), the more you expose the more sexual (sexualism) part of the impression is attractive.

However, the risk is very large in terms of breeding, so it is different to the woman's position that the best genes need to be picked up by choice and determination. This is a single object from design that takes long periods of energy and because the genes are spread out in a way that makes one life intact, and there is no objective, just a "man's body", but rather, the more exposure, the sooner you will be eliminated from the target. It is not a gene that a woman wants to be plain or less, but rather as one of many objects that he can choose from.

For this reason, if you are a man with a normal or less body, you should choose a way to cover your body and show other superiority by throwing clothes on your suit. In the process of sorting, it is advantageous to hide the real body.

    So that's it.

Due to the difference between men and women like this. Even if you wear the same clothes in midsummer, the man becomes a fashion terrorist in the shorts in Nanning, and she wears a sexy hot pants, a poem, and a woman dressed up in front of the house and wears a dress well.

In the case of ordinary women, men are quite picky and difficult to wear clothes, while women are moderately mixed with exposure to go over the middle, so it is much easier to dress well. This is where the man on the street, which is said in the introduction, is directly connected to the reason why women wear clothes well.

    But I mean,

But there's still a lot of fun, but the story goes beyond mediocrity. In the case of women, there is no need to explain. The more exposure you have to the ordinary, the more attractive it is, because the effect is obvious enough to hurt your mouth if you're too good to look.

If the man's case is funny, and the body is good, the more you do exposure like the aforementioned women, the appeal increases. It is a very direct and valid act of being able to express genetic, physical, and mental superiority, and which can take an advantage in sorting, for the most part, having a good body among men of normal or less physical.

Because it is a great fashion to express yourself, such as a handsome girl, a handsome woman, an ordinary woman, the body of a girl, a man, and a body, it is better to have exposure than nice and pretty clothes!

If you belong to a human group referred to electronically, it is good to wear clothes and dress up with cool fashions, but what if you don't need to wear clothes to make your body look really cool?

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