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Simple AutoHotkey installation, basic usage, simple example

AutoHotkey allows you to create everything from simple, simple repetitive tasks to high-level macro and game macros that distinguish images and distinguish between different situations and conditions, as well as everyday activities, computers, and highly efficient programs that help you use the web. It is a free open source based all-purpose scripting language program. This means that anyone can easily and simply create free, personal, meccoded programs that can be ignored.

AutoHotkey's greatest abilities are introduced by GKKmon, so let's start with a simple, quick installation, basic usage, and some tips.

    Download and install AutoHoteky

First, you need to download the Auto Hotkey program and install it on your PC. Because it is not a complex script program,Official Auto Hotkey download siteClick on the 'Download AutoHotkey Installer' button painted in green at the top to download 3MB of files. Or search directly for 'AutoHotkey' in Google and download the file.

Each version has a slightly different name,'AutoHotkey_1.1.30.01_setup.exe'Run and start the installation.

When you run the setup file'Express Installation'and'Custom Installation'I see two options,'Express Installation'(Custom installation is just a matter of choosing to install it, not a program that sells cheap ads, it is not necessary because it is all necessary ones)

When the installation is complete'Installation complete'With the phrase

  • View Changes & New Features
  • View the Tutorial
  • Run AutoHotkey
  • Exit
  • You will see a menu called, Ignoring it off.

    Now you can right-click anywhere on your desktop or folder,'AutoHotkey Script'Can be seen. This can be done either by saving the text file in any way,'.ahk'.

    If you want to run this Auto Hotkey in the future, click on it to open it, but if you want to modify the code contents,'Edit Script'(Shortcut key E).

      Auto Hotkey EditorSciTE4AutoHotkey

    When I open the editor window to create the first auto hotkey and modify the code, it will be opened with Notepad (or default text viewer program) that is built in Windows by default. You can use the Auto Hotkey editor to check the code line and check the color intuitively, and you can modify the code more easily by automatically completing the command.

    The editorSciTE4AutoHotkeyDownload linkin'Installer'Can be downloaded and installed, and if the link has been changedTo GoogleSciTE4AutoHotkeyTo search forLet's install it.

      SciTE4AutoHotkeyEditor Hangeul Patch

    And if you actually use it, you can see that you do not need Hangul menu at all, but if you still need Hangul patch

  • To GoogleSciTE4AutoHotkeySearch for Korean patchyear'한국어'Download the file,
  • 'C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\SciTE\locales'After putting it in a folder,
  • SciTE4AutoHotkeyRun the editor and select'Tools'>'SciTE4AutoHotkey settings...'>LanguageDrop-down menu.'한국어'In order to prevent future errors related to Hangul,'File codepage'Drop-down menu.'Korean Wansung'To'Update'Press button and re-execute.
    • Simple Auto Hotkey Basics Example

    Now that all of the settings are over, let's make just one Auto Hotkey that you can actually use, from start to finish. We do not have to be scared, it's really simple, and it's easy to tell. We will create an auto hotkey that will open the notepad by pressing the F1 button, popping the number 123 and then popping the message saying that it is done.

    First of all, right click the desktop> New>AutoHotkey ScriptLet's create one AutoHotkey file.

    Then right click to edit the auto hotkey>Edit ScriptPress to highlight the edit window.

    When you first create an Auto Hotkey, the following basic text is written.

    #NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
    ; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
    SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

    To set a hotkey,'::'And put it on a single line. E.g'F1'If you want to run the macro by pressing the button, enter the following.


    Once you have defined a hotkey, you must first open Notepad, the command to open the filerun, Followed by a comma','And write down the address of the file to be executed. In other words, the code to open Notepad is as follows.


    Now waiting for Notepad to openwinwaitTo let Notepad wait for it to open and make it one more second for stability. The name of Notepad is'제목 없음 - 메모장'Or run the Auto Hotkey and right click on the tray icon>Window SpyYou can use other window titles, classes, and process names that you can see. In the example, to create a globally available example,'ahk_class Notepad'Will be used.

    winwait,ahk_class Notepad

    Auto Hotkey basically uses milliseconds.'sleep'Is a command that causes a certain amount of time to wait, because it uses milliseconds'sleep,1000'An Iranian command means to wait for one second.

    Now typing the keyboard'send'Using commands'123'.

    winwait,ahk_class Notepad

    I finished the macros by finishing'완료 Complete!'Let's have a message. And that the syntax of the hotkey has expired'exit'I'return'Let 's write one hotkey to complete.

    winwait,ahk_class Notepad
    msgbox,,,완료 Complete!

    Now one Auto Hotkey Macro is complete. If you have an editor'f5'You can run the script by pressing the button or by pressing the play button at the top of the editor,Ctrl + SOr 'File (F)> Save (S)' to save it and then execute the Auto Hotkey file to use the macro.

    How is it? I hope that it will be fun and prosperous to have the notepad open automatically and 123 after 1 second and the message box pop up.

    AutoHotkey has so much talent that it is so unique to know it alone, so let's learn how to optimize it in GKKmon in the future. I am sure you will be your stronger and stronger assistant than anyone else, and the more you increase your Auto Hotkey skills, the more you will be overwhelmed with your remaining PC life.

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