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Why create a GKKmon site, What's the most important thing about creating a blog?

The idea of creating a GKKmon site was to begin by realizing what was most important when deciding on a blog, and having a "full-fledged space on the web."

    Naver Blog Experience

We've been using many other platforms, such as Naver, T-story, Next, Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on, and most of the people in South Korea have been exposed to Naver blog for the first time.

In fact, Naver, which had all the search share in South Korea (at the time, but I was excited to Google Now), was proud of the overwhelming traffic and was the top predator of the Internet system in Korea. This point has made it possible to experience a lot of traffic and have fun even with the GKKmon who has just been on the internet world.

However, Naver chose the Kinoe赫 policy as a way to bring the weapons of the Korean Internet system.[1] In conjunction with the feature and the chain country policy of the position of the place, Naver has not developed at all for decades, but rather has continued to continue to retreat, and users have also been demanding to exit together.

The traffic that was handed to the GKKmon was a mere mon-Sun. The post I carefully wrote was shattered by the copy-pasting content for the X-Dream AD, the junk documents that were hardly found in the quality of the line, and the illegal duplicate content that stole my writings. Naver has judged its value only by opaque logic and freshness, regardless of the quality or authorship of the writing.

Nevertheless, Naver did not think to save the original document[2] and the high-quality content, and it was as if "you had been able to survive in this area and continue to produce new waste." "Once you're famous, you'll clap your poop," he said, digging deep in his chest. Despite what he was doing, Naver was always the top "Otome" of the internet world in South Korea, and I was ' destined ' to be doomed according to the breath of the US.


    Experience of the Tea story blog

I was so busy with Naver, I found a new platform, I was looking for a Tstory. The blog itself can be a certain degree of free customization, which is differentiated from Naver. In the early days, the invitation-ticket[3] feature helped prevent spam users or overly junk content. For that reason, Naver blog has been closed all, but I still have tea story in use.

But one of the tea story platforms, the Korean Internet market was occupied by Naver anyway. In the end, I could not escape Naver's grasp, the post was searched and the people's route was mostly Naver.
It's more free than Naver in the Tstory. I knew the features and fun of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. I have been interested in this, and I remember that I had a very hectic fun. The fact that I was more than happy to make my space on the web, and so much of this space, made it so much more that it was a space of ' to be shattered ' at any time, just as we had in Naver.

Not surprisingly, even in the tea story, there was a great tyranny. The blog which the GKKmon has been operating for more than five years has been smashed at one point without even checking properly. The blog was not even connected overnight for no reason, illegal users such as spam or abuse, such a humiliating error page was opened. Of course, I sent a mail to the protest, the blog has been restored, let alone the apology, but be careful. I'm going to release it, but when it gets caught, it's just a mail of context.

The rage was on the pole, but it was a reality of ' something ' that could not be done despite this unfair and furious thing. Because of that, with a great deal of emptiness, the fear of the demolition people felt greater than anger. From this point on (understandably), I could never get the feeling of ' my Space ' in Tea story. Tea story is a precious place that has given me the pleasure of being in the web space, and it is also a hateful site that has blown the web space interesting.


    Buying a domain and hosting, the beginning of WordPress

As I went through these eventful things, I realized what was really important to make my web space or blog. There is never a design that is pretty, gives a lot of capacity, benefits, or is advantageous for a search, and there are many visitors, such as shortsighted and in essence, there is no sense that things are not important.

What is really important is, ' I can only keep my own ability, and everything should be decided by my doctor. '

In the end, I bought a domain, connected it to the hosting, and I realized that "creating your own" with tools like WordPress is the answer. Although this is the first capacity issue, said may suffer from technical difficulties, but no matter what. Because this time is really my space.


[1] 鎖 Statecraft, a policy that does not engage in relations with other countries and closes the door and exchanges with one another. Return to
[2] Currently, Google is the best, so I'm caught in the country... Return to
[3] The tea story platform can be used to give invitations to users to receive an invitation. Return to

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