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Two easy and fast hidden ways to thicken your arms

The reasons for each exercise are different, but the reasons for bodybuilding, especially with weight training, are more specific.

As we have been doing weight training for a long time and have been dealing with a lot of people, we have naturally found the growth area where they want to focus their attention. Usually men want to have 5 things like "how to spread shoulder", "how to get abdominal muscles", "how to thicken the forearms", "how to spread the legs" and "how to enlarge the breasts". I rarely found the law.)

If I exercise only in a specific area, it will not be recommended in my position to know how much it is harmful to the body because the balance is broken and the upper body is big and the lower body does not dry very much. However, the foundation is more beautiful, From a building perspective, I think it's not uncommon to focus more on the areas that you think are attractive to others and reason.

And if you want to make it bigger and bigger as you want it to be, you want to let people know how to exercise hidden. Today, I talk about the elements and the way of exercising for the upper arm.

    How should I look thick?

First, let's think about how your arms look thick. Obviously, it is right to look thick because the forearm is thick. However, the exercise we are doing is more focused on wider than upper arms.

The exercise we usually do to thicken our forearms will be dominated by bipedal movements such as 'Dumbbell curl' and 'Dips' style bipedal movements. However, the side of the arm is not exercising, and when you move only the part that can be called back and forth (precisely, the part of the brachial biceps and the part of the brachial triceps), the arms are wider than the arms.

What this means is that we think it is "thick" when we look at large pillars with uniform radii, but it is like thinking that the uneven, flat, wide blackboard is "wide". I do not know what to expect, but I do not know what to do. I do not know what to do with it, It is not seen.

    The two fastest growing exercises

    'Biceps biceps' exercise hammer curl

In order to make the best and thickest forearm efficiently and aesthetically in the earliest possible time, it is necessary to use the 'biceps biceps brachialus' and 'biceps triceps biceps' Should be.

The typical movement of the 'biceps biceps brachial' is to change the grip to a neutral grip in a similar manner to a normal dumbbell curl'Hammer curl'.

Briefly stated, dumbbell curl, barbell curl, easy curl, machine curl, and concentric curl, which I usually do everyday, is a movement that develops the biceps near to the body, and this hammer curl is the one that grows the biceps on the outer side It is exercise.

Because of this, the muscles of this area will be filled up nicely and the sides will be filled up nicely, and not only the forearm will look bigger when viewed from the side, but also thicker when viewed from the front.

    Triceps Extension 'Triceps Extension'

The next is the brachial plexus, the largest area of the arm, which accounts for two-thirds of the forearm. The brachial plexus is divided into three muscles, as the name suggests. Although any exercise can use the muscles of all parts of the triceps, it is possible to use the usual DIP-style exercise or push-up Ups) are predominant in the 'outer two' of the brachial plexus.

Therefore, in order to balance the thickness of the triceps, the two remaining muscles, "my inner head" and "long head" should be attacked. However, since the medial side is small in its specific gravity and size, it is also difficult to exercise independently of the medial side, and it intervenes naturally in the two outer lateral muscles.'Over grip Triceps pushdown'There is the same movement.) Focusing more on the "head" is an effective choice.

And the exercise that is effective for the development of the 'biceps triceps''Triceps Extension'It is movement of Ryu.

The Triesps extension is literally all the work of 'extension' of the 'triceps'. Typically, there will be a dumbbell triesps extension, a stretching leg extension, a skull crusher, a cable triceps extension, an elbow stretching straight in the head, a weight load starting from the back of the head, Exercises.

Because the triceps of the brachial plexus is located in the inner part of the triceps muscle, which is commonly referred to as the "forearm," the maximum extension is achieved by stretching the elbow to the head direction, which is the basic posture of the "Triespsu extension" And therefore, when these exercises are performed, the muscles can be grown most intensively and efficiently by giving stimulus and load to the "head of the triceps brachialis".

    It is good to add this to your main routine

Now I know how to perform the two exercises efficiently, but it seems to be effective to change slightly depending on my exercise pattern.

If you are doing a three-part exercise with a push, a pull, and a lower body feel, you can use the triceps and triesps extension that you were originally on your push day, (Pull) Day is the same as the original bicep motion + hammer curl feel that it is effective to perform.

If you are doing a three-part exercise like chest & arm, back & shoulder, lower body & abdominal, chest & arm exercise is performed on the same day because the biceps and triceps are performed in the same way. Therefore, it is effective to carry out the original exercise in the first three days, and then perform the cycle exercise by alternately performing the Triesps extension and hammer curl instead of the original motion in the next three days routine.

If you exercise these two exercises hard, you will experience a rapid increase in the speed of the muscles of the new area, and thus the muscles and forearms of the forearm can be prominently extended.

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