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Two ways to go for a man's lifetime beauty salon. Self cut direct hair cutting tips

Dog Honey Mon (Gkkmon) is a thought that every time I get a haircut since childhood, I'm probably expected to have quite a lot of people to empathize with, ' and I'm really good at it, I'm going to cut it all the time. ' Of course, I did not want to do such a thing, but if you go to the beauty salon to give the ridiculously expensive money to cut a little bit of the unsightly hair, I think this is not.

    Going to a beauty salon is a stressful

For the majority of men, barber, beauty salon, hair salon is a very open memory and place where all you know is true (time, money), but you can not go, no need to explain why. I'm not sure I'm going to get a head cut, and I just regret it after I cut it, but it is impossible to do more of the Buckeye, such as the salon, it is inevitable to move the footsteps. (Perhaps because of these reasons, the guest continues to cut like X, so it seems to keep cutting.)

    Don't you?

But in fact, this time is close, and you do not need to be stressed out, you can have a fine life. No, you can bring a better quality of life. The stereotype is scary, but from a childhood, I was attracted by the parents ' hands to go to the barber shop, the hair is naturally cut from the beauty salon, in fact, without going to the beauty salon, hair can be managed by himself!

The first thing that is done is that we have to do it ourselves, essentially, as we mow our fingernails and mow our claws. Now, in a society that has continued to cut off the man's head, he lives, living a life that cuts off his head; because there is no chance to learn the skill of managing the hair on their own, and because the ability to continue to develop the haircut does not progress, the fine is a ridiculous situation where a large adult will not be able to cut the claws of his hand even if both hands are not cutting his head.

Of course, I don't know if your profession has fashion, hair and direct or indirect influences, but for most people (especially men) it's not a difficult task to go to a hairdresser and pay time and money to do it yourself. You need a doctor to do the surgery, and you need a programmer to create a program, but when you cut your head, you don't need a hairdresser.

    So, let's manage without going to the beauty salon in earnest

Just a little cut to explain how inefficient it is to go to a beauty salon. At this point the end of the limit, so now you can manage your own hair without having to go to the barber shop, and find out how easy it is to be accessible and challenging.

    Crop without cropping

The first method is to not cut the hair immediately. Yes, it's not what you do with your head, it's a natural state. It is not to be raised in the will of the body of the 髮 膚 receptivity Xizhi 父 母), but it is easy to not cut, and without cropping, it is possible to create a neat, natural, and rather stylish hairstyle.

There are also ways to hold a woman's hairstyle like Kim Kyung-ju, but, because the majority of people cause rejection, it is inconvenient in all the ways of the class if not quite my way. But if you have a long, elongated tie, it's much cleaner and more cool than a rather awkward head!

Just search Google for ' men's bundle head ' and you'll only find a bunch of photos. Of course, if you do not have a strong-looking appearance, the said of the cartoon character, such as the head of the comic book, the head of the string neatly tied, and the whole group, but the feeling of a tied up, let's create a manly hair.

    Two-block and self-cut

The second method is to try the self-cut cutting the head directly. Because I cut my hair at the salon for a lifetime, I would be very excited about the Neo-Magan Magan Magan, as if you choose the red pill in the matrix, it is a way to be very happy and very satisfied if you do it once in the idea of running out of snow.

The head of the weaving point is the key to how to cut, it is most important to decide what to keep the head. There are countless self-cuts that are becoming more and more proficient, but the methods are easy to access and difficult to reach, as mentioned above, there are shaved, cut, sports, short, and two-block cut styles.

    Shaved, shaved, sports cut, short Mohikan

The four hair cuts in front are very simple enough to explain. Buy the cheapest barista anywhere on the internet, in stores, or in the store. It is the price to be able to buy a beauty salon once cut.

It is really anything, but if you do, you should look at the length of the cap. The variety is good, but in fact I do not need a lot of caps, I personally think that the next head is 6mm, which is the most neat way to grow with a stiff date from the root. Shorter than this, it can be very strange, or too long, so often you have to cut your hair too much and it will not look neat, even when you're cutting your head.
You can push your head to the barista (this erection). There are many different ways to search, but it's easy to explain

  • After removing the cap, you can shave it with a razor blade. The end.
  • The cut is easier, wearing the most-cut (usually 6mm or 3mm) of the CAP that you have, and you push it all out.
  • The sports cut is likewise pushed, and the side head is 3 mm with a 6mm cap.
  • The short mojito is very similar to the sport cut, but the side head is 3 mm, with a 9 mm cap on the outside and 6 mm.
  • It is a self-cut method of this really simple way of four ways, but if you have the same idea as a gkkmon, I strongly recommend the two-block style to give up the hairstyle altogether.

      Easy Storm Tickle-block Hairstyles

    The other is a hairstyle that is nice and and neat and tidy enough to go to a beauty salon, but is a hair that is unusual and feminine, and is easy to cut alone, so I think it is a hairstyle that is for self-cuts for the hair. Likewise, there are many resources to search for, but I'll explain how.

  • The head will be painted by the side, and the side and back of the head will be painted.
  • With a rubber band or head strap, except for the part to be pushed into the barista, all the rest of the vagina straps.
  • Then there is a line of hair which is not tied with the pointed magas, and it is finished by putting a cap on the barista and pushing this line with a base.
  • The side head is so easy that you don't have to explain it yourself.
  • It can be a little tricky because I do not seem to have a back hair, but rather than feel like a knife as the side head, I feel that I push it in moderately and briefly, and just slightly push from the bottom to the feeling. The two mid-middle mirrors can be used to confirm and push, but it is better to go with the feeling that it is just moderately cool. And once again, it is not a real separation, because it gets a sense of getting better.
  • After cutting it all over, cut the head to cover the ear with the top of the finish.
  • This is basically the end-of-the-block, and this alone can be very neat and cool. You can even cut it whenever you want to, so you can keep it much cleaner than when you're attending a beauty salon.

    If you have raised your head or hair, if you want to cut, the person who does not usually bind, and just go to the back of the snip. If you cut your head into a single piece of the date, it will come out in a natural shape when unpacked. If you are bound, you can cut it using a thinning scissors, or you can trim the normal scissors vertically. The length is tied to the point where you think you are suitable.

    So, so far, let's all do it, so that without thinking, don't live with the stress of the time, and try to take courage to take your life quality.

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