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Three good reasons to run multiple sites or blogs

Whether you need to focus on a single site or blog, run two, or run as many blogs as you can, you'll be greedy, and you'll have a lot of people who are just getting caught. Dog Honey Mon (Gkkmon) It also has many reasons and greed, so I can run for many years, run a handful of blogs, and create as many categories and blogs as possible.

    Why not run multiple blogs? Three key reasons

Then, the best blog (or site) to feel and experience, the number of the minimum possible to give the number, to operate at least two or more blogs. There are many good reasons to run a blog, but the key reasons to be described in this section are stability, synergy, and ideas.


The most important thing to look at, but what most people overlook is this ' stability ', there are many users who are not aware of the importance of this stability, especially those who use the subscription-type blog (Naver blog, tee story, Google blog, such as membership and receiving accounts and domains). And that's because, if you're a user with stability, you'll be naturally reluctant to subscribe to the blog.

There is a simple wigigami to this stability and a question that will reach the point, "is there a place to replace the blog now?" Especially for subscription-based blog users who do not have full control of themselves, you should always keep in mind that your account and blog can be hidden at the service's decision, but in fact it is not.

You didn't get Gyeoggeoboji yourself, and you don't know the fear of reality, and your site is not as secure as it is, in fact, not as durable as it seems to last. So that the company you are using changes the terms, if you want to keep your web space in a myriad of dangers, whether you're eating a halt or hacking by a malicious attack, or a change in the policy of naver that you think is lost, you need space to cope with the main blog.


Second, ' synergy ', ' stability ' is a reason to operate in more than one, "synergy" is the reason that more than one blog has to be better than the other (like a pun, but subtly different).

The simplest and most realistic example is "AdSense", which is what all the tolerable site operators know. For those of you who do not know, these are some of the ads you roam or see on the site, and ads that you can skip before you watch the YouTube video. Google's banner ad or video ads, which are a cost per click, CPC, will analyze your information before the ad is based on this, users may be able to expose interesting advertisements, such as when there are insufficient or inconsistent ads, or to export "alternate ads" that do not export ads or replace them with URLs that you define yourself.

You can set up ads for sub-ad agencies that have a lower unit price and less quality than AdSense for these "alternative ads." In fact, if you put an ad for a B-class ad agency that is difficult to monetize even in earnest, we put in an alternative ad in AdSense, it is hard to expect substantial returns or effects.

So when ads are not being adopted, you can expect real effects without even exporting a blank screen, and how to see the most damage? That is to promote its products with relevant content. The product can be any other site, blog, or actual product you want to advertise or information buildables books and so on. And certainly, if the classification is split and there is no contact, you don't expect a great effect, there is a high probability that the contacts will be as long as the same user's login, which is a "custom targeting strategy", such as the actual Google AdSense ad impression method, which analyzes your information and exposes you to interesting ads of interest.

I don't know what this is all about, however, if you want to use alternative ads that you do not wish to lose, I would say that when you run two blogs on the blog and information blogs, the alternative advertisement of the exercise blog is to promote the information blog, in contrast to the alternative advertising of the blog information to promote the exercise blog.

Even this setting is much more stable than using the unreliable sub-advertising agency, and evolves a higher synergy effect when the blog on both sides to develop. And it's a site you run, and once you've set it up, you'll never have to touch the settings again, so it's also efficient and easy to do.


Finally, it's a ' idea ', but it might be a bit subjective, but it's one of the key reasons for sure. If you run more than one blog, if you feel like writing, rather than a hard case, I'm thinking of writing on an exercise blog, I think you have an idea to write on the blog information (exercise blog "How to Dribble Basketball", the information blog, "Basketball is a science of common sense," so many times, rather, there are many more ideas when you run multiple blogs.

This is a similar principle that is more well written than writing, and even walking and exercising is more than forcing imprisonment to write.


These three key reasons are Gkkmon to run a number of blogs or sites that are considered by the dog honey-mon, which is why it is better to run one thing, and still operate in this manner. I hope that many sites, blog operators, even those who bear the three reasons, hoping to help make judgments about the number of blogs.

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