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Troubleshoot full screen window taskbar not disappearing

There is a bug that the taskbar at the bottom does not disappear in full screen situations such as YouTube full screen or game execution intermittently in the Windows environment.

It didn't fix anything after all my life, but I figured out how to fix it very simply.

    Taskbar disappearance resolution order

  1. Press 'Ctrl + Shift + ESC' to open the 'Task Manager'.
  2. Find 'Windows Explorer' in the 'Processes' tab.
  3. Select 'Windows Explorer' and press 'Restart' or 'Alt + E' at the bottom right.
  4. 20200131-전체화면 윈도우 작업표시줄 안사라짐 해결 troubleshoot full screen window taskbar not disappearing

  5. When the 'Windows Explorer' is relaunched, the taskbar disappears and then recovers after a while.
  6. Errors that did not go away are cleared up.
  7. Thanks GKKmon

I'm not really suffering from this once or twice, but I get upset when I think about the hardships I've logged out or restarted every time.

It will be much easier in the future

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