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Turn off automatic updates and ads in the program to the firewall

I've been using it well enough, but there are a lot of programs that do not get security or performance upgrades, and every time I turn on the program for alarms that add to the advertisements of the publisher or become more uncomfortable. (Especially for video programs, or even programs that do not need updates because they are just simple functions).

Experience has shown that if you update these programs, you will not be able to update your program automatically, because 99.9% of the performance is down, the error is getting bigger, the function is not working, the advertisement is getting worse, and so it gets worse and uncomfortable. . There is a program that comes up once a month if it is canceled by conscience, and there is a program that floats each time you turn it on (advertising is also true). It's annoying and inconvenient when an alarm goes off every time you turn on the program, so let's block it very simply with the Windows Firewall feature.

The principle of operation is to block certain programs from using the Internet in Windows Firewall, so that the program is linked to a specific site and blocks the alarming events. On the same principle, ads for programs that receive and print ads on the Internet are also blocked.

    How to uninstall updates with firewall settings

  1. Go to Control Panel → System and Security → Windows Defender Firewall → Advanced Settings on the left. In Windows 10, you can also access the firewall by clicking on the firewall in the tray, or right clicking on 'desktop right-click → Home → Update & Security → Windows Security → Open Windows Defender Security Center → Firewall and Network Protection → Advanced Settings on the right.
  2. Click on 'Outbound Rules' which will show the menus on the left.
  3. When you click on it, you will see the rules in the center and you will see the new menu on the right. Click on 'New rule' at the top.
  4. In 'Rule Type', select 'Program', which is the default rule type, and go to next.
  5. In 'Program', click 'Browse' in 'Path of the following program' and input the path of the program to block the update. You should choose the original executable file for the program usually contained on drive C, rather than a shortcut.
  6. In 'Action', select 'Block Connection' as default setting and skip.
  7. "Profile" checks the situation you want. If you do not know, check all the basics and go over.
  8. 'Name' makes it easy to identify later when you check again or when you have more rules.
  9. If you press 'Finish', the new rule will be registered and the internet connection of the program will be permanently blocked in the future.

You can always right-click on a rule to delete it or change its status to "Do not use a rule" at any time, so feel free to register. The process may seem cumbersome at first, but once you register for a block, it is so pleasant that it will disappear.

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