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2 realistic ways to get 'like' on your Facebook page

There are many ways to get likes on your Facebook page.[1] But now that you've just created a page and you don't know how to operate it, there are only two ways that people can realistically do this.

    First way to get likes on a page (not recommended)

The first way that a GKKmon does not recommend it, is to pay for it on Facebook by clicking on the ' Promote ' and ' Manage promotion ' buttons on the bottom left menu of the page and paying for paid advertising.

The advantage of this method is that you can promote it to many people, most easily with a few clicks of the page. With paid advertising, you can freely set up your target region, your relationship with you, and your age group. Because you are literally paying and advertising, if you keep money, you may be able to promote your bread page 24/7 without a break.

The disadvantage and why GKKmon is not recommended, because it is also money.
Personal pages, such as blogs, you will not have a reason to advertise money, if you have opened a page to promote the media, you have found Facebook to inform the page without spending money, because it is a holy tongue. In addition, the initial stage of creating a page is very much less than the same price and advertising efficiency, even if the quality of the content is high or the Facebook is not known.

    A quick, reliable, and realistic way to like a page (recommended by GKKmon)

The second method, which is a realistic method and recommended by GKKmon, is to make friends on Facebook and ask their friends to ' like ' the page.

The menu is at the top of the page screen. Click "Invite Friends" to open the list, select the friends you want to invite from the list, or press the "Request" button. If you do it yourself, it is the fastest, most realistic, and not very offensive to your opponents.

If you already have a large number of Facebook friends, you will be solved immediately, and those who have not done SNS like GKKmon or have very little friends, search the Facebook search box for "Add friends, follow, likes, pages," and join the group that comes out. And once the subscription is approved, you can post the contents of the group, such as "If you follow[2], i will follow back[3]" or "I like the page, please reflect the dream" with the article.

It is really important to join a group without making direct friend requests to people. The reason for this is that when you send a friend request to someone you don't know, it's okay to accept it, but if you do not even refuse to ' know ' or ' report ', you may be able to use the Friend Request feature, or you can even stop your account.

So, after posting a post, if you wait slowly and calmly with the feeling of fishermen catching meat, you can send a message with a friend Add or page likes, or a wild person will just add you friends or like. You can then give the message a reflection of what you wrote, or follow the information in the notification window to get your friend to accept or like.
It is very difficult to create a milk from radish. For personal thought, I think it's good to create some basic likes in this way and then grow the page with quality or great information from the actual content. I don't really see any of the content, but it's not that many pages are just as good.

After all, it's a good page with a real quality. Don't get impatient, but if you have a minimum number of likes, don't be too obsessed with numbers.


-In the Page menu, tap ' More ' or '... ' to a friend. → If you don't have a friend, search for a group, post it, increase a friend or have a page like.

-If you add a friend directly to any person, you will be at risk of suspension or suspension of your account, so awake only if you receive a request or are certain.

-If you do it right, you'll be able to get it right anyway, so don't let it be cancelled later.

-Once you've earned the minimum number of likes that a page can go back to, you'll have a quality game.


[1] How to become a part of the activation process, such as asking someone who has visited or commented on a page (go back)
[2] To add friends first, right arm (follow), right good (like)
[3] If you receive a friend addition, you can add a friend, usually when you receive a good chin (return)

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