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Dog Honey YouTube Shortcuts, practical in order to organize your total

YouTube was very old, and the time to play YouTube content in a day, despite a considerable amount of the shortcuts and features that could be used more conveniently, I was not writing very little.

    What is the YouTube shortcut?

The ' keyboard shortcuts ' may seem to be quite a bit more comfortable to do, or a little less time-saving, but once you've learned it, it's very useful, and it's a great time to gather and save a whole lot of efficiency. But when you memorize the shortcuts to software or services that may not be going away, you will feel no nutritional value for anyone, and the Gkkmon is also the same. But since YouTube is a service that is now a big enough part of our lives, it's absolutely useful to familiarize yourself with shortcuts and other useful features. Once you've used Excel or PowerPoint (Microsoft PowerPoint) as a liberal arts.

    Why not write a YouTube shortcut?

As with most discoveries, I don't remember it, but when I accidentally hit the ' F ' button, I realized that YouTube footage would turn into full screen, and in fact I didn't know so much about this handy feature at the time, I felt terribly uncomfortable with the past inconvenience. Because of this, we started to recognize useful shortcuts and YouTube features, and wanted to inform those who are experiencing the same gkkmon as the dog honey-mon.

First, there are a few other shortcuts that can be found in the official Help for Youtube shortcuts, and there are a few more, but they are not meant to be heult once in a practical order.

    List of shortcuts in a practical order, not listed

    Key Dog Honey Shortcuts 4 Things
  • Space bar or keyboard ' K ' button-Pause/Play
  • Perhaps this is the function most likely to know, but will be described first as a function of writing the most. When the YouTube video is activated (by clicking on the video, the last to use the focus state), it becomes the Pause/play button. In recent years, the video is not active and recognizes that the page is active. This is also easy and inconvenient, but if you try to control the page by pressing the SPACEBAR or using the Home or End button while you are viewing comments down the scroll, the video is not working, but the image is played/paused personally, it is very inconvenient.

  • Keyboard ' F ' key or double click-fullscreen
  • Similarly, when the YouTube page is active, it becomes full screen mode and full screen exit key. Gkkmon is a shortcut to this writing and is very useful. Usually, you can click the control bar at the bottom right or use double-click to complete the screen. If you click on the right side of the screen, it is natural, and in the case of double clicks, each service or program is confused because the provisions to support each other, such as a full screen, a pause in any streaming service, and the preference of any video program.
    I would probably be quoted as the first letter F of full screen (fullscreen), and it is easy to memorize the F button reminiscent of the shortcuts pool.

  • 0 to 9-button movement of 0 to 90% of the footage, except for 1 of the number keys 0 ~ 9 or number pad (Numpad)
  • The next two shortcuts are the most popular shortcuts. Pressing 2 is a 20% point of the image, 7 is the way to move the image to 70% point, it is a very useful shortcut, such as quickly skim or go to a certain part. The keypad 1 button seems to be not available for other shortcuts (it is especially useful for
    viewing images with text or images without sound, only the intro is useless.) Official help "H1 (H1 element usually refers to the main title of the content on the web)" Move between the header, but I do not know what to do and do not have any reaction.

  • Keyboard '/' button-move focus to the search box
  • Watch the same thing, bother with the mouse, click the search box and press the '/' button without having to search, it will immediately focus on the search bar. It may be a feature that is not necessary for the general public, but I want to do a little YouTube, a useful shortcut to the required grade. Pressing the ' ESC ' button will cause the focus to disappear again.

    -There are four key dog honey shortcuts.

      Next, useful shortcuts

    The shortcuts are not as useful or as important as those above, but are certainly useless or do not bother to familiarize yourself with the following:

  • Keyboard ' M ' key-mute (Mute)
  • If you press the'm ' key, the sound of the YouTube video is muted and then pressed again to Unmute. Depending on the person and the situation may be very useful, I do not know why there are shortcuts.

  • Keyboard ' top ↑ ', ' down ↓ ' direction key-volume control
  • The upper button in 5% increments the volume up and down button

  • Keyboard ' left ← ', ' Wu → ' directional key, or ' J ', ' L ' key-5 seconds or 10 second to move the image
  • The keyboard left and right button is the ' left ← ' button is 5 seconds back, the ' right → ' button is 5 seconds forward function, the ' J ' button is 10 seconds rewind, and the ' L ' button is 10 seconds fast forward function. 5 seconds or 10 seconds to the same function.

  • ' Shift + N ', ' SHIFT + P '-play next video, play previous video
  • The ' Shift + N ' button moves to the next video, and if there is a playlist, the next video will go to YouTube's next featured video. "Shift + P" is the key that goes past the previous video, and does nothing if there is no playlist.

  • Keyboard ' C ' button-enable/disable subtitles
  • Subtitles can be turned on and off if the video has subtitles. The ability to turn off subtitles is not a feature that is often used in itself, but it is sometimes useful because it is very cumbersome and tedious. The disadvantage is that it is only available in pre-set languages.

  • Keyboard ' Home ', ' End ' key-to move the start/end of a movie
  • The ' Home ' button has an alternative method of pressing the number 0 or keypad 0, but the last key to move is the ' End ' button.

  • ' Shift + > ', ' SHIFT +<' - 재생 속도 조절 -="" 재생="" 속도=""></' - 재생 속도 조절>
  • Speed up or slow down video playback. The adjustment unit is 0.25.

  • ' Shift +? ' key-Shortcut Bar window
  • A window pops up showing all the shortcuts in a new window format within YouTube. In fact, you can use other shortcuts whenever you need them, so if you're not sure, this is the only time to memorize.

    -This is definitely a useful shortcut, even if it is not required.

      Other shortcuts you might find useful

    Below is a collection of all the remaining shortcuts that might be useful to someone.

  • Keyboard Media Play/Pause key-play/Pause
  • Keyboard media Stop key-stop
  • Keyboard media next track key-go to the next track in the playlist
  • Keyboard ', ', '. ' Key-moves the image to the frame unit
  • Keyboard, key or. Press the key to move to the smallest frame unit, not a human-identified second unit. In some cases, the dog can climb honey shortcuts.

  • Move between number ' 1 ' or ' Shift + 1 '-H1 header
  • The guy said above, I'm not sure what the feature is yet.

  • ' ESC '-full screen exit
  • Keyboard ' O ' key-adjust text opacity level
  • Said subtitles, adjust the opacity of the text in the YouTube video.

  • Keyboard ' W ' key-adjust window opacity level
  • Said box with subtitles, adjust the opacity of the window in the YouTube video.

  • Keypad not keyboard ' + ', '-' key-adjust font size of text
  • Adjust the font size of the aforementioned text.

    In addition, there is an older video-only shortcuts which is not currently available.

  • Keyboard ' W ', ' A ', ' S ', ' D '-Move up, left, down, or right when viewing spherical video
  • Keyboard ' + ', '-' or keypad ' + ', '-'-zoom in and out when watching older videos
    • Reviews

    So far, this is a list of all the shortcuts that Gkkmon know, and are probably present on YouTube. There are also some shortcuts that are not available on the official Youtube shortcuts, and there are some things you've found here and there. If you know of any new shortcuts or create them on the Youtube side, you'll continue to renew.

    I've listed them in the order of importance, but don't try to memorize any of the memorization subjects, so let's write a few of the most important features. And if you like it, let's use one or two to make your Youtube more comfortable (a nifty explosion when you're looking at your friends said (?). And if you tell the person who likes YouTube, the link in this article will be a very practical and good gift.


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