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When recording, the voice became smaller and larger.

I know how to catch noise like this, and after I got to know the basics of recording, I recorded it, but there is no noise but the sound is getting smaller. Is it a microphone problem? No setup problem.

The more detailed phenomenon is that the sound is sharply reduced only when it is normally recorded well and then only when a specific phrase is spoken, but when it passes over a certain sentence, it grows again. .

The reason why this phenomenon occurs is the noise suppression function of Realtek HD Audio Manager. So when you turn off this feature, the problem disappears immediately.

This 'noise suppression' function does not always cause problems, and it causes trouble when certain conditions such as a specific environment and a specific microphone are met.

So, Mike had to change to a new one, to change the software, to change the hardware, and to get rid of it. I was very excited to know that this 'noise suppression' function was a problem. Users of this article do not want to be affected.

    How do I turn off the Noise Suppression feature?

Unless you are using a high-end, high-sensitivity, high-sensitivity microphone to create a studio environment that is suitable for recording, noise is generated with a high probability, and the 'noise suppression' function of 'Realtek HD Audio Manager' is excellent.

It means that the noise will be generated again in order to solve the problem that the sound is getting smaller and smaller. I do not need to worry about it, but I turned off the noise suppression functionHow to remove Oda City noise. Simply remove the desired noise 'Removing noise through the same method is the right way.

You can think of it at first glance, but this way you can record it with the correct and clean sound quality, and the noise can also be captured more clearly. The previous 'Noise Suppression' function totally distorts the sound, but if you remove the noise through software such as Oda City, it is possible to remove only the noise part accurately.

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