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Why is my post not found in WordPress Reader ( and how to fix it?

The world's most popular content management system (CMS) platform WordPress actually has one more function than installing or joining the tool. Immediately WordPress read It is a reader function that can subscribe to and receive a desired WordPress site like a RSS reader in the past, or follow-up function of SNS. Of course, you have a WordPress ID and you have to log in before you can use it.

So, when I use WordPress and Jetpack, I have not set it up, and I did not even know that there was such a feature, but I got a notification that someone subscribed to my site via mail. But when I go to the lead page or browse my posting through search, sometimes the result does not come out. When I search the site name, the user finds out why the post is not displayed, I found the following answers as a result of browsing the forums and browsing the various information to make sure that I subscribed to the site in WordPress and used the wordpress reader efficiently.


    Why are my posts not found in WordPress Reader and how to fix them?

  1. The first is that the '' lead page is basically a place for subscribed wordpress users to show their posts.
  2. There are two types of WordPress: subscription type and installed type. You can download it directly from '', install WordPress which can be implemented in a self-configured hosting site, free version at '', or subscription service that you can upgrade and use like a monthly payment And because it is a space for activating these subscription users in the first place, it is normal that the installable wordpress users are not searched!

  3. The second is a way for installable WordPress users to post to the reader, by installing the Jetpack plugin and working with
  4. It's not that if you can only post to subscription-type WordPress users. When you install and activate the 'Jetpack by' plugin, it will be added to the lead automatically when you link it with ''. This is because the 'Jetpack' plugin is built and linked together by WordPress maker 'Automattic'.

  5. The last does not comply with the WordPress user guidelines. Even if the above conditions are satisfied, it may be omitted if the content of the user does not satisfy the guidelines. Although I have not experienced it myself, forum posts show that subscription users are easily exposed without filtering, and installed users are more likely to filter.

    WordPress Reader User Guidelines

If so, I need to know what guidelines are in place. If my writing is not coming naturally, it is my opinion that WordPress Reader may be better off.

  1. First of all, as a technical part, the sum of categories and tags should not exceed 15 - literally, when you combine both the number of a category and the number of a tag when you are writing a text, you are missing 15 or more.
  2. If your site is private or does not allow indexing to your search engine - that's probably not the case.
  3. Mature or aggressive sites - If the main content is offensive, at work, or not suitable for minors, it can be blocked via a report. If you think it was reported unfairly WordPress Official Support Team Page .
  4. Misused or misused tags - literally not using tags properly or using them in the wrong way (using totally unrelated mischievous tags such as instagram tags, or using meaningless irrelevant tags), content Regardless of whether you use any tags for issues or marketing (such as using the keyword 'restaurant information' in computer-related postings) It also includes an attempt to push the post over the tag by changing the posting date several times.
  5. If you have just created a blog or site - it may take a few days for the new blog to be included on the tag page, and you should wait because the new blog has not been determined to be spam.
  6. If the language of the blog does not match the interface language of the account - for example, WordPress settings and settings are Korean blogs, and the actual content is in Japanese.
  7. Here are the guidelines related to wordpress readers, WordPress Official Help 'Tags in the Reader' Page . User Guidelines

This is a broader concept than the previous WordPress Reader User Guidelines, which is the overall user guidelines for

  1. Illegal content and conduct
  2. Intellectual property infringement
  3. Pornography - On the WordPress official page, it is said that pornography is not a visual depiction of 'overdisplay itself is okay' and sexually explicit acts. Physically it is a very vague part, but it is frankly distinguishable.
  4. Gambling - It is not a matter of discussing the subject of gambling on a site or blog, but it is a case where it is set up to connect with an online gambling service (including poker) or a gambling site.
  5. Technically harmful content - If you upload or link malware, spyware, adware, or other malicious or destructive code.
  6. Impersonation - If you make a false claim that you are a person or organization that is not yours. (Parody and satire are okay!)
  7. Violence, violence, bodily injury, or death threats, if you post content that stimulates or promotes it. Threats to individuals or groups and indiscriminate acts of violence are also included, and this does not simply refer to the use of offensive language.
  8. Posting your personal information - If you share your personal information (such as your account name or credit card number) without your consent.
  9. Advertising - Do not allow ads unless you use WordAds or have a VIP or Enterprise site. In other words, you should not use other advertising without using WordPress's own advertising solution. If it is not exposed naturally because of this part, it is better to give up WordPress reader exposure.
  10. Hotlinking to - Sites other than VideoPress should not host files that are used only by other sites.
  11. Spam or machine-generated content - Speaking of spammy, auto-generated content, auto-generated content of course, in addition to driving traffic to third-party sites (phishing sites that move as soon as you code), spoofing, It says.
  12. For this, WordPress Official Guidelines Page .

    WordPress Reader Exposure Tips

In addition, the reader is exposed in a card format. Currently, it is not a well-published user, but a subscription is a possible user reference.

  1. If you have an image with a width of at least 350px available for your post, and you have more than 100 characters, it will be published as a 'standard' card with a thumbnail using the first image, a post title, and a post summary.
  2. If the post contains only text, it will be published as a 'text' type card with the title of the post and a two-line summary.
  3. If it contains more than 4 usable images, it will be published as a 'gallery' type card with the images listed and a title and summary.
  4. If the image consists of one usable image and less than 100 characters, it will be printed as a 'photo' type card, with the text contained in the post omitted and cut vertically but with the largest size horizontally.
  5. If you are actually writing to a wordpress reader, leave it as a useful tip. Original text WordPress Official Leader Postcard Description .

It was started because I wanted to publish a wordpress reader, but it is strange to want to give up just as I know. (GKKmon did not know that this was so long). To summarize though, it is as follows.

  • Originally WordPress Reader is for subscription type WordPress.
  • You can subscribe to the installable version of Jetpack and link with ''.
  • But I guess it would be better if the guidelines were scary.
  • To do so, please refer to the above, but not necessarily all.
  • However, if you have installed and connected the JetPack to the installation type, you can subscribe to the site name and user name without having to post in the search, and it is possible to read the article through this subscription.
  • I do not want to be a reference because I have not heard anything cool from the place where I have confidence and I have gathered information from here and there and synthesized the opinions of the forum.

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