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TV, television, why was it possible to defeat YouTube

YouTube is overpowering the TV without the airwaves and cables in the public. There are a lot more in the model of the tutor advertising than the celebrity shop, and the celebrity is more popular than ever to eat the breasts. Not to mention the areas of the game where the Internet was more bullish.

One-person media, at the level of the entertainment that enjoys a moment on the internet, is now openly known to be money. With its huge supply and demand, YouTube's video quality has risen exponentially over the days, and due to many complex reasons, YouTube has become more popular than ever on TV. It was much more interesting than the TV, but the quality of the video is now overwhelming the television program, the airwaves, the terrestrial, and the cable, the idea, fun, education, diversity, transparency, reflecting the opinion of the viewers in every way, YouTube's content is not to follow. Even this medium is loved by the spectrum of its various content, children, teenagers, adults, old age, without even age and gender.

    Why did TV have to be on YouTube?

It is no wonder that this phenomenon is more fun and has great visuals, and accessibility is good. However, I think that the reason for the Gkkmon is that not only the superiority of YouTube, but also the inability of the TV channels were larger. A dog program that makes it all the more interesting as it is, making it an all-time color, and not going to be a group of people who want to be a dog who wants to be clever, not just a satirical political satire with a knowledge of the unknown. Novelty and information, such as a really useless informational program that can only increase the amount of it dragging, and, such as the waste of content such as the quality of the garbage that cannot be found in the eye wash, and to stop the transmission of popular programs with political weapons. In fact, because there is only TV, all the evils which a monopoly can show, and the evils which we showed all the more, it is said that the glutes of the TV media side were bigger. Because TV only produced content that was similar to YouTube, it was a game that had an overwhelming occupancy effect, but the TV had to be advantageous. In other words, a considerable number of YouTube is superior, and quite a few TV's have not been able to wake up without the same crap.

Feel cold in your head. Is it fun to take a week's time to prepare for the program you're waiting for? Do you believe that the quality of the content you've created for a week is the best it can be by mobilizing hundreds to thousands of people, with a lot of capital and equipment? YouTube to plan, shoot, edit, promote, manage the video much more interesting than that, all by yourself. I don't think that is the reason why the tutor has a better gene and talent than the hundreds of thousands of TV-related people put together, so there's no disagreement. It is a law that will rot if you leave the water alone, a result of the endless laziness and corruption of the media monopoly.

    Because now it is

In fact, Gkkmon-mon did not enjoy watching TV from the past. I agree that the time to watch TV is too stupid and silly, but Gkkmon, since I was very young, I liked the web space, the TV was so much fun and low-level media from my point of view of the already advanced cultures. This behavior made me think 10 years ago as a very peculiar person, and when I was told, "I do not watch TV," I was looked at as if it were an alien wonder, a strange man, a unique person. Because if you're not a busy person without the time to watch TV, everyone has a huge share of what you see on TV.

But even if you don't watch TV these days, it's not a weird thing. As the dog Honey-mon (Gkkmon), it is a matter of course for those who accept advanced cultures to be moved to YouTube on a corrupt and uninteresting television. Of course there are busy people, or even more people who escaped from the idiot box.

    I'm not the only viewer left.

Leaving YouTube on TV is not only for viewers, but also for the demand. As a provider of television, PD, editor, sound expert, and even celebrity, we choose not just TV, but YouTube. Celebrities who have already become popular are using them to raise their own YouTube channel, and many organizations and individuals are more likely to get a startup in YouTube, which is guaranteed a better content than the over-the-air, which is corrupt and has high barriers to entry.

Also, unlike TV, which is called the Idiot box, the usefulness of information is enormous. The TV that I had only broadcast in the channel that I had decided to do is right, and the channel is turned off immediately if there is no useful information, and the quality of competition and midnight action is being made. It seems that the idea of how to solve the growing number of Adblock users in the distance of YouTube.

    TV, the fate of television

You can only see the programs you have set at the time you have set. The advertising time is longer than the content, it is holding long advertising time to see the contents of garbage, such a program to pay to see and choose such as IPTV... In a way, TV may be a outmoded artifact that can now be naturally culled. Maybe these days, the kids do not know what the chime is, as the radio is not what the day of the TV is so?

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