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WordPress Google SMTP Gmail registration, failure reasons and resolution (Easy WP SMTP)

The default instance of Amazon Lightsail, which was used by dog Gkkmon, did not support email. In this case, because the server is unable to receive and send its own email, you can not use the settings and features associated with your email, such as a confirmation email or plug-ins. That's why you need to establish a connection with your server and email, such as using an email-enabled server or upgrading to a supported product, so you can use your normal email-related features.

    The server's email capabilities & Status Check method

It's easy to see if your server is returning to your email system. After you've changed the "WordPress Settings-General-Email" section to send an authentication email, you can install the ' email log ' plugin to check your email log. If you've sent an authentication email, and the email log doesn't have anything, you don't have the email feature, and the email log doesn't have any other issues, such as blocking or hosting issues, or something else.

    Why you should use SMTP in WordPress

If you confirm that the server has no email capability, you can use the external email function without having to build it yourself. If you want to use an external email address, you must take the certification process of receiving an email from that email. You can change your email address to ' ' as your primary email address for ' WordPress settings-general-email ' and proceed through the process via a certified email.

However, in the above case, the server is not able to send email by itself, so no authentication mail! That's why we need to build SMTP functionality and send mail. Let's use Google SMTP, the most major, to interact with the external Imeilin Gmail and WordPress.

    Installing the ' Easy WP SMTP ' plug-in for using WordPress SMTP

-After installing the ' Easy WP SMTP ' plugin, proceed with the settings.

-Write the information in the ' SMTP Settings ' tab of ' Easy WP SMTP Settings '.

  • Frome email Address: (ex
  • Frome name: Names to be written to the sender (ex Dog Honey-mon (Gkkmon))
  • Reply-to Email Address: reply Just leave it blank and it will be set to the email address you wrote above.
  • SMTP host: (Gmail's SMTP host address, it's just the same.)
  • Type of Encryption: This is the encryption type, you can choose ' s/t '.
  • SMTP port: 465 (the SMTP port number in Gmail is 465)
  • SMTP Authentication: SMTP authentication should always be set to ' yes '.
  • SMTP Username: This is the actual username of your gmail. (ex
  • SMTP Password: You can only jot down the actual password of your gmail. (ex ~! @abc123123)
  • Once you've finished setting up, press the ' Save Changes ' button to save your settings. You can send a test email from the ' Test email ' tab of ' Easy WP SMTP Settings '. Write the email address where you would send the test email to ' to: ' and send a test email with the appropriate title in ' Address ', and a ' Send test email ' button. If the test mail comes safely here, the integration has been successfully made. You can also use the function as an integrated email authentication.

      ' Easy WP SMTP ' plug-in error

    If you notice an error, you must resolve the error. Among the errors Gkkmon experienced by Honey-mon

    Following error occured when attempting to send test email: 
    SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

    Such errors are very easy to solution. Try signing in with your Gmail account, which you registered above. At the top of the screen

    Warning: Google uses your password to block suspicious login attempts to access your account. ' Activity now...

    With a warning message, you can see at a glance why the error was met. The reason is that the plugin will automatically log in to your WordPress ' Easy WP SMTP ' plugin with less Gmail ID and password, and then send an email to the security warning.

    Verify that the time and location of the Https:// address, the IP address is the static IP address of the server (the static IP address is sent because the plug-in is from), and then select "Yes, I am the one activity." To get a security warning. Once you have completed the security settings and sent the test email again, you will see that it is sent well.

    In addition to this, if the hosting server is classified as spam (in this case, it should be resolved in relation to the hosting group), (in the case of "Cafe 24", "Account management-spam SHIELD," it is said to
    be set to disabled.) If you get the error ' SMTP connect () failed ', the error is sometimes fixed by changing the port number of ' SMTP ProSet ' from 465 to 587.

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