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YouTube custom URL settings, conditions, short addressing tutorials

There are many ways to get people to your YouTube channel than you think. On average, YouTube has the highest percentage to come from within, followed by the best video. In addition, it comes in from SNS etc., it comes by the setting of the alarm after the subscription, and when I am just bored, my YouTube channel thinks and clicks directly.

Of course, this is a method that is not frequently used recently, but it may come in after registering in a bookmark or, more rarely, by entering the URL directly. However, it is basically impossible for a YouTube channel address to be typed by a person. Because usually '' This is because the address is generated by the code for the computer, not for the person.

To solve this situation, which is impossible for people to memorize and access, we need to change the part with this code using the 'Custom URL' function so that it can be recognized by humans. The functionality of this custom URL is not just to enter a direct address to make a connection. When you write your YouTube link on other social introduction pages, '' Rather than '' It's easier to figure out where this link is going, and there's a lot more intuitive and good in many ways.

    Conditions for generating custom URLs

But this very useful custom URL is not something anyone can make because you want to create it sadly. The conditions are needed like monetization application, and the conditions for YouTube official help are as follows.

  1. More than 100 subscribers
  2. At least 30 days after channel opening
  3. Channel icon image upload complete
  4. Channel art uploaded

Original text YouTube official help page for custom URLs Can be found at.

The channel icon image refers to the profile picture, and channel art refers to the large image in the background at the top when you access your YouTube channel. Usually these are set by default, and 30 days after opening is literally a month and a month away, so the real qualification for a custom URL is actually 100 subscribers.

So users with over 100 subscribers should now set a custom URL, and users with less than 100 subscribers should save this page and then set it up later if there are more than 100 users.

    Creating a YouTube Channel Custom URL Tutorial

Now that you know your eligibility, let's set up a custom URL in earnest. In fact, it's easy to set up a custom URL, but it's a bit tricky to set it up to your preferred address.

  1. On the YouTube main page, click on "Click your profile picture> Creator Studio" to enter the Creator Studio. If it is not possible in 'Studio Beta', if you are forced to use the new version, click the 'Creator Studio ... (Classic)' button at the bottom left to return to the previous version of Creator Studio. You can also change this by checking 'Old Creator Studio' in the 'Settings> General' tab.
  2. Go to the 'Channel' tab of the menu on the left.
  3. You will then see the channel's copyright status, community guide status, and a box below it with various features enabled or available. Click the 'Use' button at the bottom of the 'Custom URL' box to enter.
  4. You will then be taken to the Advanced Settings tab, where you can use the "Custom URLs" section at the top of the "Channel Settings" section. Please apply here. ' You can click on the blue 'here' to set a custom URL.
  5. However, there is a problem here. You can not directly enter a custom URL, but you can use only the automatically generated URL according to your channel name. For example, if your channel name is "ABC", you'll have to use a custom URL called '', but do not worry, there's a way to change that too.
  6. Click the 'Cancel' button to close the Custom URL creation window, and go to the 'Account' tab of the menu on the left.
  7. Then you'll see the "My Channel" menu at the top, and you'll go to the "Edit from Google Profile" menu on the right.
  8. Here, change your channel name to your desired custom URL name for a while. For example, if your channel name is "ABC" and you'd like your custom URL to be "123", you should change your name to "123" for a second.
  9. After changing the name, press the OK button, then return to the custom URL creation menu, and click the 'Here' button, you can see that the custom URL has changed according to the changed name!
  10. Now that you've finalized the terms, agree to the terms, create a custom URL, go back to your Google profile, change it to your original channel name, and you're done.


If you have a custom URL set to '123', the shortest address you can use is ''.

If you create a short custom URL like this, it is not impossible to memorize and access it, and when you write your YouTube address in SNS such as Instagram or Facebook, it is very quality. So if you have over 100 subscribers, be sure to create a custom URL.

Note that setting a custom URL does not mean you can not connect to your old address, so please be assured that those who are worried about it should feel safe. Think of it as the concept of using a custom URL in addition to the old address.

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