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What exactly is the pull-up to the muscle? arm? whole body? Your back is enlarged if you know.

GKKmon has always thought of it every time he pulled up from hellen when he could not pull up one more time, and now he pulled up at the gym until he was able to look at it. That's right, 'pull-up is not an arm, it's a back, but what kind of muscle is it? Do you have one or two back muscles? " Respectively.

So I looked up the materials and consulted them, but it was very difficult to find clear answers. The reason is that according to the people, the pull-up is the arm exercise, the forearm is more important, the light exercise is the whole body exercise, and so on.

    So the pull-up is exactly the exercise you have to use

I will tell you from the conclusion, since I do not like to talk about it. Pull-ups can be confusing because of the complex joint movements where various muscles are used and the muscles that need to be developed first according to the individual's ability. However, considering the ultimate intention and goal, It is necessary to use 'Soonwon Root' and 'Daewongun' as auxiliary muscles.

However, people differ in their opinions because their thoughts and gaze are different, and the way they have behaved is different.

For example, "pull-up is the whole upper back exercise and it is actually a multi-joint exercise which is a whole body exercise. There are many people who say. Even right. But in this way, the bench press also becomes a whole body exercise, the squat becomes the whole body exercise, and the full free weight exercise becomes the whole body exercise. Unless you are doing precisely isolated exercises like a machine dumb console.

The main purpose of the bench press when the chest (pectoral muscle), but, of course, there is no intervention of the front triceps and triceps can not be intervened. It is also used as an antagonist. So when the bench press is used as the antagonist Kwang Baek-geun is a bench press will say that the back exercise? If you say so, everyone will snore. But funny is that there are a lot of people who say this way of pull-ups.

For those of you who want bodybuilding with isolated exercise as the most common and common weight training method, you should definitely know what athletes are doing in the end, and that's what MMC (Mind Muscle Connection) It is a bodybuilding term that refers to the technique of recognizing muscles accurately and connecting the brain and muscles.) This can be a more effective exercise. As a result, I do not use other muscles that are useless for my exercise, and it also reduces the chances of becoming isolated and nasty habits and hurting my body.

    Depending on the performing ability of the performer, the developing part is different

And then again, there is this sort of thing, "Pull up is eventually going to the arm and body, but I can not do it, but the arm is the most important arm movement, and arm strength and frontal muscles are weak!". This is also true. As a matter of fact, a person who can not stand still for 10 seconds should develop hanging training to develop the near side of the front end, and then, after reaching the maximum possible range, You should practice until you are able to pull-up through jump-ups, etc.

However, in this process, it actually goes up to almost the selling point. The reason for this is that the general person is not able to develop the back muscles, so he goes up to the arm muscles, which are usable muscles. Therefore, those who are very strong in this process can perform the chin even though the back muscles are not yet developed. (Though it is not the right attitude).

For the same reasons as the previous case, there are people who say that pull-up is arm movement. Human beings tend to think that what they have experienced and thought is the truth and the answer.

But if you think about it for a while, you can see that it is a very stupid idea. In this way, the bench press also puts a weight on the chest with a familiar posture, so before you can weigh the weight, There must be a grip capable of keeping the barbell in hand before it has a hand. So the bench press is a gripping exercise? Would it be called a front-to-back exercise?

To a person who does not even have the strength to lift the barbell, "Bench Press is a breast exercise so do not raise your arm and train your chest!" As you do not say, once you can not pull up, you have to create an environment where you can pull up. But that does not mean that pulling up is not an arm movement because it can not be pulled up because there is no selling. In the end, after a very novice stage, if you become familiar with the pull-up stage, then pull-up is of course the exercise of choice to exercise. It's not like we are choosing a bench press to do finger exercises when we are familiar with bench presses.

So the conclusion is that many muscles are involved in the pull-up, but the main purpose is back exercise. It is also called 'Kwang Baek-geun', 'Soon-Won Root', and 'Daewon Keun'. And if you do not have your arms, you can not pull up, you say arm movements.

When I first pulled up, I was very frustrated because I had no one to tell me clearly what muscle was used. Therefore, I do not concentrate on specific muscles of Guillaume because of the whole body movement, and I have missed a lot of time in various inefficient ways such as ignoring the number of times without knowing it, Those who are interested in pull-ups would like to see this article and enjoy pull-ups more efficiently and more fun without going around like me.

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