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Word Press RSS Feed errors and solutions (Naver thumbnail reflected)

With the use of WordPress, Naver Blog said, such as the tee story is different from the Subscriber-type blog, happening a cry laughing. In fact, it is not exactly the cost of the platform, but because of its excellent degree of freedom, users who do not have professional web knowledge can put in a situation that is difficult to do when the error appeared.

The most common challenge for WordPress operators without expert knowledge is that, due to its vast degree of freedom, the man-made plug-in that discovers the newspaper water, and functions.php the plugin, or modify the said theme directly without knowing the exact principle of error I am. The Dog Honey-mon (Gkkmon) is also not a half-wave, this time the reason for the RSS feed is simple, but the wavelength was an awful error, I want to share it.

    Why WordPress RSS Feed error occurs, why should I fix it?

This is usually a wordpress feed (RSS) error, if the RSS feed is not connected due to an error at all, but the content is something strange, or the connection is normal, the search engine does not reflect the Thumbnail (in fact it is not an error).

The RSS Feed is not connected at all, but it is not uncommon, if you have a skin error, FTP, etc., and you have blown the file, or if you did. But if there is usually a problem at this level of the basics, RSS feed is not a problem, the site itself is likely to be jammed. Even if this site is broken, it is impossible to identify and fix problems if you do not know the problem, it is recommended that you restore the original state of the backed-up data or install it altogether.

If it does not reflect all fine thumbnails, RSS feed does not include thumbnails (preview image). In this case, you can fix the plugin such as "featured Images in RSS", embed the thumbnails in the RSS Feed, or modify the theme or functions.php directly to include the thumbnails.

Finally, the most realistic WordPress RSS feed error is the most common, but the feed page, but the content is strange (the order of the feed is too short or more, etc.). For WordPress, you can access it by entering/feed/at the end of your own domain address. In this way the case of the Dog Honey Mon (Gkkmon). The RSS page that registers with the Search engines Web Master tool is this address, this is an RSS Feed page that Robot the Google Bot (Googlebot), Naver's Yeti, Bing Bots (bingbot), and Yahoo's Bluff Slurp. If there is a problem with the feed, the image said most of the elements read from the RSS feed of the blog, such as Naver, if the error occurs, the SEO index falls, the serious case will cause a decline in quality.

    Error details and Solutions

In this case, the original was fine, but the user has an unexpected crash while trying to modify the site. The case of the collision is usually

  • Conflicts between installed RSS Feed-related plug-ins
  • You entered an incorrect address in your WordPress settings, or you used an incorrect redirect in the process of applying an SSL security certificate
  • The last line of the Feed-related file in the ' wp-includes ' folder in WordPress contains a space, causing an error
  • There is a reason, and I've put the feed settings on the existing one more place in the same setting, the circular error I

  • Enter the RSS Feed URL in the ' Customize ' menu for a specific theme
  • Functions.php adds RSS-related features to write sources at the end of the feed
  • ' Yoast SEO '-' Search Appearance '-Added RSS feed settings from RSS, similar to feed-related content in plug-ins.
  • If you have entered the same RSS feed settings elsewhere, the error will also occur.

    In the same case as the Gkkmon, the Yoast of RSS settings that are turned on by default in SEO, the function of attaching the original link at the end of the content, and the ability to add the original link directly to the functions.php file, the crash occurred.
    The code to add the original link to the RSS feed, which begins with the Feed_copyright_disclaimer function, is inserted into functions.php, and the code is as follows:

    function Feed_copyright_disclaimer ($content) {
    	if (Is_feed ()) {
    	$output = '<p>This article is<a href="' . href=""></a href="' .> Home_url (). '">' . Get_the_author (). ' Content is here, please read it here<a href="' . href=""></a href="' .> Get_permalink (). '">'. Get_title (). '.<p><p>This post was written by<a href="' . href=""></a href="' .> Home_url (). '">' . Get_the_author (). ', please read here<a href="' . href=""></a href="' .> Get_permalink (). '">'. Get_permalink (). '.<p>';
    	$content = $content. $output;
    	return $content;
    Add_filter (' the_content ', ' Feed_copyright_disclaimer ');

    If you have a short RSS feed or an error, you may want to repeat the same settings as Gkkmon to see if there are no circular errors or if any of those codes are inserted into the functions.php.

    And when WordPress becomes a version update, it intermittently adds spaces to the last line of the Feed file, which can cause errors.

    With a program like FTP, you can open the following PHP documents in ' Wp-includes ' in the WordPress root folder (bit Nami/opt/bitnami/apps/wordpres/htdocs/wp-includes) to clear and save the last line of space.


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