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Google Assistant recognition rate is good! Not running on a screen that is turned off is fatal

Gkkmon is a personal favorite company and Google (Google), who is interested in this, has Google Assistant.

    What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant like Siri or Bixby (Bixby). However, Google is not just a virtual assistant, but also a ' intelligent virtual assistant '. Google Assistant, which is created by Google and machine learning technology, boasts the highest voice recognition rate among the virtual assistants on the planet to its name and reputation. What's hard to say, without the need to write, the speech recognition feature is the most important word that everyone has felt, ' not sure why you can't listen to this? '.

As soon as the Google Assistant is released, the Gkkmon is actually using the room, and it really shows a huge recognition rate and accuracy! In spite of the confusing words, even the most esoteric and subjective words of man, all voices were accurately recognized as 90% of body appreciation and not more than 95%. In particular, to increase the recognition rate when using speech recognition technology, I think the voice of the user is a machine (?) To me, (poem. Polyester. Hey man. Oh. Always. Me. Mr. Was. When. I liked the most well-recognized part of the same thing.

    The fatal disadvantage of Google Assistant, do not listen when it is off.

However, there is a fatal disadvantage, but the Gkkmon is not the only Android that is used by the dog honey-mon, it is not available while the screen is off. What this means is that the Usain Bolt, the fastest foot on the planet, can't run with a playground phobia, and Michael Jordan, the best player in basketball history, is like not being able to show off his skills in the allergies of a basketball.

The Gkkmon was the same as that of Iron Man's Jarvis (the most famous and easy-to-understand thing, he longed for before he knew Jarvis), and the voice recognition secretary. Because I was interested in a little more than the public from the old. In fact, I felt that I spent some time in speech recognition technology, trying to use speech recognition technology, try to increase recognition rate, merge speech recognition technology and macros, and create new functions, and speech recognition has to do two of the most important key points.

The two key points are the ' recognition rate ', which makes speech recognition speech-aware, and ' homeostasis ' to give the secretary the assistant. In other words, the two factors that are well-known and ready to speak at any time are the most important. However, Google Ursula has now blown this half. Maybe there was a technical part or other big problem that didn't solve it (or did Google think it's the most important key in speech recognition?) when the Google Assistant was released, the ad content was like this.

An intelligent voice recognition assistant that makes your voice work in tough situations, with the phrase ' send text to Google ', ' set up alarm to Google ', ' play music playing Google '! and promote it.
But really funny, it is hard to write a hand foot in a situation where you have to turn on the power of The voice command, but recognize the voice (?). What does this sound like pun? Please believe that it was not implemented due to a fatal technical problem or functional problems. "Does that mean that Google has made such a comedy stupid thing? It's an early stage, but I was shocked enough to suspect my eyes and ears.

Even the incredible recognition rate and great performance are overwhelming! Of course, the initial stage is still a lot of applications or was not versatile. However, if this monster recognition rate is Gkkmon, it is possible to develop an application that is really infinite because it is thought of by the dog Honey-mon using the voice recognition.

I tried to share the application and try to use it as soon as it was released, but I have not yet implemented a part that will work with the computer, as I continued to say, because the voice recognition only in the state that the phone is turned on in fact.

    A comprehensive evaluation of the Google Assistant ' findings '.

Once the Google assistant itself is evaluated, it is very appealing and wonderful. However, the versatility is nuanced (it's a matter of time if only the ' recognition rate ' and ' homeostasis ' are backed up), and it is jammed when the screen is turned off, and ' homeostasis ' is greatly dropped. The position of the current Google Assistant, in fact, you can solve by hand when you have a little bit bored enough to say what? I think. Just like the puffy Google, I look forward to seeing a new look.

    Google Assistant support devices and features

Currently, Google Assistant support devices

  • Google Home
  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Hom Max
  • Android Lollipop or higher (Android 5.0 +) Phone
  • Tablet with Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0 +)
  • Android Wear 2.0 + smartwatch
  • JBL Link
  • Sony lf-s50g
  • Zolo Mojo (from Anker)
  • Panasonic ga10
  • Onkyo G3
  • Mobvoi Tichome Mini
  • And the like,

    The ability to do this from your current Google Assistant

  • -Check local information
  • Food: Find a pizza restaurant nearby.
  • Weather: How's the weather today?, how about fine dust?
  • Directions: Guide the way home.
  • Opening hours: E-Mart still open?
  • -Communication
  • SMS: Send me a text message. "Be at five o'clock."
  • Call: Give me your mom. Have a call to the speakerphone. Hang on to the video call.
  • Email: Email me.
  • WhatsApp: Send me a WhatsApp message.
  • -Day Plan
  • Alarm: Wake up at 7am.
  • Reminder: Let me know when I get home to wash. Tell me to call mom every Sunday.
  • Traffic information: How about traffic to work today?
  • To make a reservation: Reserve 2 people for the next week's cascal.
  • Flights: United flights 1463 arrive on time?
  • -View photos and media
  • Music: Jazz music. Next song.
  • PHOTOS: Show photos taken from the beach.
  • YouTube: Cute puppies from youtube want to watch videos coming out.
  • -Contact Us
  • Calculation: 20% of the 80?
  • Game update: Who won the Warriors game?
  • Dictionary: What does "gregarious" mean?
  • Search: Search for a nice summer vacation.
  • Translations: "Nice" in French. What's that?
  • Image search: Find baby cat pictures.
  • Web answer: How to erase the wine stains on the carpet?
  • -Smart Home control
  • Lighting: Darken the living room lighting.
  • Thermostat: Set the heating to 21 degrees. Lower the temperature by 2 degrees.
  • -Mobile phone operation
  • Change settings: Turn Wi-Fi on. Raised volume. Adjust the brightness dim.
  • Search in the app: search for a tablet on Amazon. Search for the park on Twitter.
  • Mobile phone control: Turn on the flash.
  • -Enjoying
  • Game: Let's play the game. Give me one quiz.
  • Learn about the assistant: Do you dream? What's your favorite color?
  • Entertainment: Tell me funny jokes. Tell me a funny story.
  • .

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